Seasonal Weekly Menu Plans

Start off with watching this video as I explain my approach to menu planning with real food.

Every week, our gluten-free, inching-towards-GAPS menu is shared with notes at the beginning of each plan, explaining the method to my madness, flops, successes, and little tips learned along the way.  Each week lists three meals and two snacks a day, seven days a week, along with a to do list for each day.  Take a look-see:

  • Week 1  The notes shared with this week's menu tie up any loose ends from the video (listed above). 
  • Week 2: This week's menu includes notes about how to make the most of your time in the kitchen with snacks and leftovers.
  • Week 3: Notes with this week's menu preview two upcoming posts on strategies for snacks and gluten-free sourdough.
  • Week 4:  Along with the weekly menu, I share notes on learning how to recover from several kitchen flops in one short week. 
  • Week 5: Back in the juicing saddle again.  Weird?
  • Week 6:  It was a C R A Z Y week, but I really did try to maintain a healthy menu. 
  • Week 7: A menu plan AND a new recipe.  What more could one ask for?
  • Week 8: Cramming two week's worth of recipes into one due to summer camp, 4th of July, etc.
  • Week 9:  Simplifying life, sticking with this simple menu until September.
  • Week 10:  Lots of gluten-free baked goods and dark, leafy green veggies.
  • Week 11: Using up that winter produce box
  • Week 12: A simple, nourishing menu for the week before Christmas
  • Week 13: Keeping warm & comfy
  • Week 14: Eating up those greens
  • Week 15: Simplifying before baby
  • Week 16:  An even simpler plan
  • Week 17:  Valentine's Week!
  • Week 18: Simple & oh so very basic (waiting for baby)
  • Week 19: A plan so simple, even my husband and kids could take over
  • Week 20:  Keeping it real and simple.
  • Week 21:  Easter Week!
  • Week 22: Simple Spring Dishes 
  • Week 23:  Trying out several new, enticing recipes.
  • Week 24:  Introducing more new, delicious recipes
  • Week 25:  Something old, something new, something borrowed, nothing blue
  • Week 26:  We welcome the first week of stone fruit: apriums!
  • Week 27:  Apricot Week!  
  • Week 28:  Yummy raw dishes that need new names
  • Week 29:  Simple Nourishment
  • Week 30:  Tastes like summer!
  • Week 31: Father's Day Week!
  • Week 32: Keepin' cool, eatin' simple
  • Week 33: Fourth of July Week!
  • Week 34:  Grilly grilly
  • Week 35: Intro to Pho
  • Week 36: Simple Summer Suppers (and breakfasts, lunches, and snacks)
  • Week 37: Daddy's on the road, we're eatin' simple
  • Week 38:  Still enjoying summer goodness... Simply
  • Week 39:  Enjoying the last week of summer vacation
  • Week 40: Back-to-school week!
  • Week 41: More back-to-school meals
  • Week 42:  The season is transitioning as we begin to eat winter squashes and say goodbye to zucchini.
  • Week 43:  The season's first week of apples!
  • Week 44: Here comes fall!
  • Week 45:  Simply comfort food
  • Week 46: A simple week while we count down the days until Jeremy returns home.
  • Week 47:  Lots of potato recipes this week; they're coming out of our ears!
  • Week 48:  Birthday week!
  • Week 49:  Warming autumn recipes
  • Week 50: Trying out many new recipes
  • Week 51: Turning thirty (plus three)
  • Week 52: Marks one whole year of menu plans!
  • Week 53: Thanksgiving week!
  • Week 54:  Getting back into routine after Thanksgiving
  • Week 55:  Staying warm & frugally-fed during winter storms
  • Week 56:  The last week of autumn
  • Week 76:  First Week of August, Last Week of Summer Vacation
  • Week 77:  Simple September Suppers and Such
  • Week 78: Mid September, Mid Crazy-Moving-Land


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