Our Year in the Trailer

In light of my present need for order, I have decided to make an easy page to refer to and follow along this road to financial freedom/extended camping trip/adventure of insanity.

So, if you were wondering what on earth is going on in the life of the Riddles six, here you have it, in chronological order:

April, 2010
The Words that Changed our Lives, in which I unveil the great adventure.
The Process, in which the process of letting go to move forward occurs.
Giggle, in which the decision to laugh about the circumstance is made.
Sweet Dreams, in which dreams are made about my little one's future and we find peace.
5 Each, in which the practicalities set in and downsizing begins.
The Reality of Downsizing, in which we take a look into the new, yet temporary reality.
I've Gone All "Reality Show", in which we find out what beloved kitchen appliances make the cut.
1 Week Left & It Just Keeps Getting Better, in which three happy surprises are gushed about.
6 More Days ~ On the Couch, in which I have a slumber party with Jeremy.
Home, in which I quickly share the first few days of life in the trailer.

May, 2010
Trailer Treasure: The year-long camping adventure begins, and we discover what matters most.

June, 2010
Five Bits of News: In just one month of extreme frugality, we receive mind-blowing generosity.

July, 2010
Summer: We are treated to a summer with my sweet parents and remember the richness of family togetherness.

August, 2010
Instead: Processing through both the hard and sweet sides of our current reality.
In the Kitchen: Agreeing with the quote that "food tastes better in small kitchens."
Getting Outside: The sights and sounds outside our trailer door.

September, 2010
A New Chapter: And things begin to change...
A Peek Inside the Cabin: 1,000 square feet is much bigger than 250 square feet.

November, 2010
A Day in the Trailer ~ What life looks like in tiny spaces.
Counting Down Again ~ 13 days! This time there ain't no downsizing.
A Season Ends ~ And a new one always begins.
Closed ~ Escrow, that is.
Touching Base ~ Blogging from my phone as we live without Internet.

December, 2010
Waiting ~ For a place to blog (and Internet to do it with).
A Quickie Hello ~ Sharing the progress of our little cabin turning into a home.

February, 2011
Before and after, a Virtual Housewarming Party ~ In which this part of our story comes to an end, and we say goodbye to the trailer and hello to the new, little cabin.


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