Sunday, April 11, 2010

19 More Days ~ Sweet Dreams

Watching my babies sleep is easily one of life's most soothing moments.

  My sweetness.  You find opportunity in every situation.  Your creativity knows no end.  I long for you to grow up with a heritage of prosperity in all aspects of life.  The dream of leaving you and your siblings an inheritance instead of debt brings me strength and excitement for this coming adventure.
Little man.  The deep thinker.  We might not provide you with the much coveted Wii and all it's wonderous amenities, but I can lavish you with the overabundant amount of love I have for you and I hope you always feel it.  A peaceful home is important to you, and that is something I can and will provide for you, no matter how big or small our homes will be throughout your growing up years.

Angel face.  My fellow homebody.  You've lived through three relocations in your four years.  You're happiest when everyone's together, especially when we're reading a story and cuddling with blankets and pillows.  None of that will change.  Things will just get... cozier.
Snuggle Puppy.  You love to be apart of whatever is happening around you.  A lot is happening, and you feel it.  This is a great adventure and you are just as much a part of it as the rest of us are.  You get to graduate out of your crib and sleep in the same room as the rest of your siblings; a dream of yours that is about come true (and hopefully sleep will be involved).

In 19 days, so much will change.  But not the most important things.  One amazing family, cuddles, laughter, togetherness, four walls, a roof, a floor, central heating and air, and a working kitchen, be it ever so tiny.  What more could a girl want?

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