Saturday, April 24, 2010

6 Days Left ~ On the Couch

I am on the couch.  And on the couch, I will sleep.  You see, our mattress (along with the bed frame) has been put into storage.  Backing up... Today, we had an unexpected moving party.  We had some amazingly sacrificial friends come and spend their entire Saturday helping us transition when we really only hoped for a couple hours from them.  Our goal was to utilize our help by getting all the heavy things into storage.  They went way above and beyond and now most of our home contents are either in storage or on the mountain, where we will soon live.  Moving to the next chapter is so close; I just want it to be here.  But first, we must finish this process.  There are still walls and floors that need scrubbing and 1 1/2 acres to care for one last time.
But for now, I am happy and sleepy.
Blessed doesn't begin to describe what I feel about the people we are in community with.
Also, my husband and I are spending the night on the couches (the only remaining pieces of furniture) and it feels like a slumber party.
I'm ready.  And excited.  To live in the trailer.  On the mountain.  With my family.  Probably in 1 1/2 days.


  1. hi, I'm meg and just found your blog...what an amazing adventure of bringing sacrifice and praise to His throne. I'm loving catching up on your journey in the trailer :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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