Monday, April 19, 2010

An Index of Recipes

Seriously, making an index for the great adventure felt so good, I thought I'd get one more bout of happiness from organization and completion before collapsing into bed.  These recipes have been needing a place to be easily accessed, so here we go:

French Olive Fig Tapenade ~ This will change your life.  Trust me. Gluten-Free
Grain-Free Pigs in a Blanket ~ GAPS-friendly, Gluten-free

Perfectly Frothy Raw Hot Cocoa ~ It's simple, rich, delicious, nutritious, sweet, and even a lil salty.  What more could you ask for in a drink? Gluten-Free
Pumpkin Spice Latte(ish) ~ It's a tasty work-in-progress. Gluten-Free

Bread Recipes
Breakfast Breads
Grain-Free Banana Blueberry Bars ~ Sweetened only with bananas.  Simple & Delicious. GAPS-Friendly Gluten-Free
Glazed Cranberry Lemon Scones with Spelt ~ From start to glazed finish, done in 25 minutes.
Grain-Free Banana Blueberry Bars ~ GAPS-friendly, gluten-free
Quick & Healthy Breakfast Biscuits ~ Every member of my family adores these, and that's saying a lot.
Build a Pancake Bar ~ It's going to be the new rage.  Just watch.
Pumpkin Scones ~ Starbucks gone healthy.  They should hire me, I think.
Daily Breads
Sourdough ~ Spelt sourdough is our bread of choice, and it's so cheap to make!
Quick & Healthy Tortillas ~ As you can see, I love me some quick and healthy breads.
Sourdough Flat Bread ~ Cooked on the stovetop; keep that oven off in the summertime!
Sweet Breads
Cranberry Pumpkin Bread ~ a great use of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Breakfast Recipes
A Simple Blueberry Smoothie ~ Scroll to the bottom of the post to see it. Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Porridge & Fried Mush ~ Don't be turned off by the name; it's tasty.  It's frugal.  It's what we like.

Condiment/Sauces/Cheese/Etc. Recipes
Creme Fraiche ~ Our fridge is never without a jar of it. Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Cultured Butter and Buttermilk ~ A how-to with attitude. Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Farmer's Cheese ~ Or Fromage Blanc if you want to get all fancy-like. Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Traditional Chicken Stock ~ A lil' something I learned from Nourishing Traditions Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Sauerkraut ~ Scrumdidilyumptious Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Roasted Poblano Salad Dressing ~ It tastes way better than it looks. And it's easy and healthy.  So there. Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Refried Beans ~ Only they're never fried.  But they're simple, frugal, and comforting.  Gluten-free

Dessert Recipes
Soaked Blackberry Peach (or Nectarine) Cobbler ~ Your extra-tart fruits and berries will find the home of their dreams in this recipe.  Your tummy will thank you that you soaked the oats first.
Farmhouse or Fancy? A Versatile Apple Spice Cake ~ Two ways to make it and love it.
Mint Fudge Brownies ~ These babies only appear at Christmastime around here.
Frosted Spelt Cake with Whispers of Coconut ~ I was feeling artsy when I named it, can you tell?  Oh, but it's guuuuud.
Fudge-Topped Brownies ~ I'm sorry.
Raw Coconut Creme Pie with Coconut Fudge Crust ~ I likey the fudge. Gluten-Free
Raw Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart with Vanilla Cream ~ Gluten-Free  Raw.  But you don't feel ripped off, this is a serious dessert.
(Mostly) Raw Nut Butter Cacao Bars ~ Make it all-raw using raw nut butter.  This is a staple in our dessert selection. Gluten-Free
Raw Samoa Cookies ~ Each component of this cookie is tasty all by itself.  All of them put together?  Music in your mouth. Gluten-Free

Lunch/Dinner Recipes
Simple Soaked-bean Chili ~ A Nourishing Traditions-style chili adapted from my mama's recipe. Gluten-Free
Cornbread Casserole ~ Wholesome, delicious, satisfying.  Need I say more?
Easy Chicken Enchiladas ~ Jeremy's all-time favorite dinner.
Honey Mustard Chicken ~ Slow cooking for fast days.  GAPS friendly Gluten-Free
Grain-Free Pigs in a Blanket ~ Why not? GAPS friendly Gluten-Free
Summer Vegetable Skillet Pizza ~ Just how many veggies can you pack into a tasty meal? This manyGluten-Free 
Turkey Pesto Pasta ~ 15 minutes to make, 10 servings, $1.57/hearty searving, delicioso.  Done & done. Gluten-Free

California Autumn-Winter Salad ~ I heart CA.  I heart Salad.  I heart CA salad. Gluten-Free
Chicken Enchilada Salad ~ A delicious in-season salad if you're in the season of spring. Gluten-Free

Side Dishes
Skillet Italian Roots & Sweet Sausage ~ An easy, wintery-into-springtime recipe that's hardy enough to be a main course. Gluten-Free

Snack Recipes
Nut Butter Spoons ~ Sheepishly simple, yet oh so satisfying.  Kids love it. Gluten-Free GAPS friendly
Nut Butter & Honey Popcorn ~ Jazz up your next bowl of popcorn and your life will change.  For real.

Nourishing Potato Cheddar Soup ~ Fills you with comfort and fights off sickness.  Win-win! Gluten-Free

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