Monday, April 12, 2010

18 More Days ~ Truth is...

Authentic crayon markings.

...I haven't packed a single box yet.  Nope.  Not one.
...there are still crayon marks on the walls and another showing tomorrow afternoon to prepare for.
...I am so proud of 8-year-old for baking her first pie with little help tonight.
...there's not much left of me after focusing on the kids to make sure we remain connected.
...realization just hit; feeling a sense of accomplishment once a goal has been set fuels me...
...I'm going to pack a box.  Right now.  Before I lay me down to sleep.
...the sense of accomplishment will probably amp me up to the point of being unable to sleep for a while.
... maybe I won't pack a box tonight and sleep in defeated slumber.
... the decision has been made that I will, in fact pack a box tonight.
...I'll probably scrub the crayon marks off, too, with the energy I get from that box being packed.
...after checking a few references (meaning one), I'm hoping all these ellipsis (ellipsises?  Ellipsi?) were properly used.
...I'm going to pack the box now.

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