Friday, April 16, 2010

14 Days Left ~ The Reality of Downsizing

Condensing.  Downsizing.  Squeezing.  Squishing.  Nesting.  Burrowing.  We have two weeks left to figure it all out.  The next focus is the kitchen.  Let me give you some perspective:
The house kitchen:
Never have I known so much cabinet and counter space. Corian. Wood.  Recessed lighting.  It's heaven on earth, I tell you.
The trailer kitchen (pardon the mess):
I have known more cabinet and counter space.  Wood veneer.  Particle board.  Reality.
House pantry:
Seriously.  Room to spare.
Trailer pantry:
I placed some packing tape in one of the drawers to give perspective.  And that's all I have to say about that.
House fridge:
Food, food everywhere.
Trailer fridge:
Again with the packing tape for perspective.

Where will all the food go?  I don't really care right now.  What I do care about are all my appliances.  And that process will have to wait until tomorrow because this is enough insanity for one day.

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  1. To give you some perspective (BTW I am loving your posts) The kitchen in my farmhouse is not much bigger than your trailer one. This is a case of making the best of what you are given and finding ways to be thankful. If I didn't have too much stuff it would be easy to keep organized. Notice the IF.


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