Monday, June 7, 2010

Five Bits of News

  1. It's been longer than I wanted since my last post.  That is not news.  The news is that this transition is taking a little longer than planned.  Helping our kids through it instead of indulging in beloved blogworld for a while was the choice that felt best.  Also, 5th Disease and an upper-respiratory nastiness made very inconsiderate runs through our family, taking up all of our free time and, well, health.  2-year-old still has that ewie rash all over her legs and arms.  Grrr...
  2. On a much happier note, I filled every space of garden with seeds.  Sprouts are my love language, I think.  And bumper crops.
  3. We have been gifted 6 plane tickets to PA to join Jeremy's family's reunion!  Annnd... It's in Amish Country!  Annnnnnnnd... We're staying in an Amish house!  Be still, my Pennsylvania-Dutch-loving heart.  If I get to milk a cow, I just might keel over with happiness.  If you are wondering about my curious affinity with the Amish, click here.
  4. Thanks to several events in Southern California who have requested Jeremy, we get a paid trip to stay with my parents for a huge chunk of this summer.  The kids (well, all of us) are counting down the days until Nana and Papa gloryland.
  5. I have come to the conclusion that the good people of Oregon are some of the best you will find in the whole wide world.  We were warmly welcomed, all six of us, and pampered by the sweetest ladies at a women's conference a couple months ago.  Last week, Jeremy came home from leading at a conference there and brought home this:
This sweet necklace/earring set was from the church's worship pastor's wife and it came with the kindest letter.  It blew me away.  Being quite the behind-the-scenes wife, it felt incredible to be thought of and given a gift, even.  I love you, Oregoneons!

Hopefully, I can squeeze out time to post during the reunion in Amishland, PA.  However, internet usage and "Amish" don't seem to blend... Maybe they're progressive?

It is astounding to me how much we've been given this first month on our road to financial freedom.  I truly have no words.  Yes, I do.  Thankful.  Filled with gratitude.  Humbled.  Happy.  Loved on.


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