Friday, April 23, 2010

1 Week Left ~ "I've Got to Admit, It's Gettin' Better"

In one week, everything changes.  Actually, in three days, we could already be living in our new, temporary nest.  Geepers.

Today, I began to equip the trailer with kitchen things.  Spices, herbs, some appliances, tapioca pearls...  It was actually kind of fun and comforting.  I was definitely nesting (no, I am not pregnant).  But the really exciting news is that the amazing family who owns the property we're squatting on has offered a room with an attached bathroom for our use!  That means our family mercantile which contains our extra clothes and kitchen items will be on the premises!  That's enough to make me sleep (in an hour) with a smile on my face, but the fact that I get to take a shower that comes from a hot water heater which holds more than ten gallons (like our trailer) is pure luxury!  You don't even understand; showers are sacred to me.  Um, and did I mention that they also have washer/dryer hook-ups that we can attach ours to?!  No laundromat for me!  Seriously, those three blessings will make an absolute world of difference this next year.  Access to my entire kitchen and all our clothes and a place to wash and dry them without having to drive to town.  Pinch me.
Oh, and one last thing.  We've been moving this nice faucet we bought four years ago for the house we owned down south that we never had the chance to install.  After Jeremy and a friend installed that baby in our trailer and laid our living room rug down in there, it took our home-on-wheels to a whole new level.

Yep.  That beauty is in my trailer kitchen.  I am one lucky girl, I tell you.

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