Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dry Humor

It's been a while since my last kidism post and I've had a couple doozies from 4-year-old that would be just plain selfish to keep to myself...

We were at a talent show 8-year-old announced for. (And might I just add, she was a natural.  By the end of her last intro, she was literally strutting.  Oh my.)  Out of the blue, during a guitar number, 4-year-old looked up and asked "Do camels lick their lips?" I believe following the thought process to this question would prove quite fascinating.

A few days ago, I offered her some whole-grain cereal and she answered in disgust, "That cereal tastes like crackers from the desert."  Interpretation: That cereal is dry.

There seems to be a theme in these two quotes.  Camels.  Desert.  Dry.  Is she thirsty?  Do I need to monitor her water intake more carefully?  Should I delve deeper into this?  I think I just mentally exhausted myself.  Any now I see why.  Hello, bedtime.  Goodnight, world.  I love you, my sweet Faify 4-year-old.

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