Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 Days Until Impact ~ 5 Each

Today's focus is clothing.  It sounds fun and easy.  Clothes are fun.  Packing them should be a cinch, they fold right up and squish on down, filling every space inside a box.  But...  Where will we stuff six people's wardrobes inside a 5th-wheel and still have room for things like, I dunno... food?  What do we do with what doesn't fit in the trailer?  We're changing seasons and still need warm and cold weather clothes; how does this all work?  Breathe in. Breathe out.
It was all quite complicated, really.  Then, the number was decided.  Five.  Each person will have five outfits available inside the trailer: two nicer outfits (meaning no stains) and three play outfits.  Oh, and two pairs of pajamas each.

All four kids have been blessed with an abundance of really cute hand-me-downs.  Lots of clothes is just a burden I don't mind bearing, you know?  My thought is that we will (have to be very organized) set up our very own clothing store in part of our storage unit.  We'll place the clothes boxes by order of size and when the kids either destroy an article of clothing (it happens when they play outside), outgrow them, or just want an exchange, we can head to the storage unit and they can pick out a new piece/outfit/whatever at our tailor-made store.  It actually sounds kind of fun!

Five outfits and two sets of jammies each, however, is still 30 outfits and twelve pjs to fit in one trailer closet. But I'm not there yet.  Right now, I'm boxing and organizing.  The stuffing, er, unpacking will have to come later.  I hope five was a good number to pick.  My logic is simply shining right now.

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