Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honey Mustard Chicken ~ Slow Cooking for Fast Days

It's always on the busiest of days that I long to come home to a warm, nourishing meal that fills the house with it's enticing fragrance.  This is something my husband enjoys almost daily.  Chef Mama on the other hand...   Can we give a shout out to our crock pots?  Holla!

This simple, traditionally-prepared, gluten-free dish can easily be transformed into a GAPS-friendly meal by placing the chicken on a bed of squash instead of rice (I'm using up my non-GAPS ingredients in case we decide to go for it).  All it takes to prepare this is a little forethought at the beginning of the day instead of at four o'clock.  But I love that, don't you?  Knowing dinner is cooking away while I go about my day is just plain happy.  This recipe leaves no leftovers for our family of six (our oldest is only nine, mind you), so if there are more of you or you want leftovers, I recommend doubling it.

Honey Mustard Chicken
Serves 6

*2 cups brown rice
*4 cups filtered water plus 4 Tablespoons kefir, buttermilk, yogurt, or lemon juice
*4 cups chicken stock or water, or a mixture of both
1/2 cup raw, local honey
2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon curry powder
1/4 cup butter, ghee, or coconut oil
3 pounds chicken drumsticks or thighs, or a mixture of both

*If on the GAPS diet, substitute rice and stock with baked squash of your choice and a cup of broth to drink.
  1. First thing in the morning or the night before, soak rice in 4 cups filtered water with the cultured dairy or lemon juice.  Cover and set aside (the rice should soak for 7-12 hours).
  2. Begin the next two steps 6-8 hours before dinner.  Combine honey, mustard, curry powder, and butter in a saucepan.  Mix over medium-high heat until it reaches a boil.  Boil 1 minute.
  3. Place chicken in the crock pot.  Drizzle prepared glaze over the chicken.  Place lid on top and cook on low for 6-8 hours.
  4. 1 hour before serving, drain and rinse soaked rice.  Put in saucepan with 4 cups chicken stock and bring to a boil.  Skim off any foam, reduce heat, cover, and let simmer until all the stock is absorbed.  This takes about 45 minutes.
  5. To serve, spoon a bed of rice onto dinner plates.  Drizzle juices from crock pot over the rice and place one or two pieces of chicken on top of the rice.  This goes great with a side of fresh veggies or a side of vegetables sauteed in butter.  Spooning some of the juice from the chicken over the veggies is suggested.  Sprinkle Celtic sea salt and pepper over everything to taste.


  1. um.... I'll be there in just a bit. :)

  2. oh yum... I'll have to make this this weekend! We have some chicken thighs in the freezer that I didn't know what to do with - and this is it! Thanks!

  3. oh yum this one im trying for sure!

  4. I love honey mustard with chicken. My kids would goes crazy for this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This looks wonderful! I am always looking for yummy crockpot recipes! Can't wait to try this! Blessings, Kelly @ The Nourishing Home

  6. This recipe looks absolutely delicious. I have to try this chicken this week! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Why do you soak the rice? Is is very different than just cooking it?

  8. Great question, R & R. The Weston A. Price Foundation answers it really well here:

  9. ok i tryed this recipe it is sooo great!!

  10. omg this sounds really really delicious! not to mention easy (: love the combination of sweet spicy and salty!

  11. I've been looking for a good honey mustard chicken recipe. This looks like the one to try. Thanks for sharing!


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