Sunday, March 13, 2011

Actively Considering GAPS & a Grain-Free Recipe Collection

After being mostly raw and all the way gluten-free for a month, when I mentioned GAPS to Jeremy, the reaction I got was like telling a marathon runner at the end of a marathon to run another marathon.  With no water to drink.  In a winter coat.  In the middle of summer.  In Death Valley.  He quickly suggested I stop reading about nutrition, because every time I do, 25% of our food gets taken away.  Hmm...

So, I decided to start focusing on the things that we are adding to our kitchen as I continue to do more research on GAPS.  I discovered that "Leaky gut and malabsorption are the typical results of vitamin A deficiency."  Also, the essential oils Omega 3, EPA, DHA, and vitamin D are very important to take in when healing the gut.  Guess what has all of those things in easy-to-digest form?  Cod liver oil.  I was so faithful to put cod liver oil in our daily smoothies four years ago (be sure to use unflavored.  Trust me.)  It was just one of those things that accidentally got dropped during a crazy season of transition.  Well, I'm picking it back up.

Another thing we will be adding to our diet: juice.  From a juicer.  That we don't have yet.  This will have to wait until next month when our grocery budget is replenished and I can buy a basic juicer at Costco.

I'm also adding Navy beans to our pantry.  We've never actually had Navy beans.  Navy beans and lentils are the only two starches that are GAPS-approved.

Broth.  We always have a supply of homemade chicken stock in our freezer, but folks on the GAPS diet need to drink a cup of stock with each meal because it is incredibly nourishing, heals the stomach, and the nutrients are easily digested.  Yep, it's time to up our intake of broth.  This one is going to be tricky.  Especially at breakfast...

There's even more to add!  House plants.  Well, we won't be eating these, but they will provide much cleaner air and beauty to our home.  I've known about the benefits of house plants for years, but it's just one of those things I never got around to doing.  Again, we will have to wait for April for this once budgets get refreshed.  If you want to join me, here is a list of good, low-maintenance house plants.

As we are on the subject of household health, I plan to add more easy-to-make homemade cleaners.  Environmental toxins are super important to eliminate for optimal health.  Keeper of the Home has some simple, non-toxic air freshener ideas here and an easy-to-whip-up gentle surface scrub here.  

See?  There is so much to add while on (or thinking about going on) the GAPS diet.  Cod liver oil, lots of bone broth, carrot juice, house plants, homemade cleaners. I can just feel my husband's excitement.

Will we do the full-blown GAPS diet?  Stay tuned.  I did, however, order the books, and if we end up going for it, we will start in April.

In the meantime, I'm collecting all sorts of grain-free recipes to try out.  Here is what I've found so far:

If you have any other GAPS recipe sources you enjoy, easy homemade cleaners, or tips for a successful GAPS experience will you leave a comment?  I would love input.  I need help.  Also, if you have been through GAPS, will you share your story?  I've already received several amazing personal success stories, and man does it fuel my fire!

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  1. I'm not blogging yet, but thinking about starting up. I found your blog through Wardeh's blog at Gnowfglins. I just want to commend you-- I feel like your mindset, "what, that's beneficial, can I ADD to our family's diet", rather than focusing on all of the hard sacrifices that need to be made, is so so honoring to your family and a great example to those of us trying to increase nutrition in our own families. I hope for your sake, and for my family as I try to make similar changes, that focusing on good things to add will make dropping some things later much easier! It's crazy, too, because I literally just put on my to-do list "try some of Keeper of the Home's natural cleaners." Anyways, all the best as you transition towards GAPS.

  2. I love your approach! As for air freshener, try getting an essential oil diffuser. Not only do you get a great smell in your home but the oils have different healing properties. Eucalyptus purifies the air as well as helps with sinus & respiratory health. Check out for great oils. I learned a lot from this wonderful family run company & I love their products. They are on FB too.
    Blessings! Georgette

  3. Way to focus on the positive! :) I just wanted to say, has lots of great grain-free recipes, and she actually just started a 40-day grain and sugar free challenge. Some of her recipes do use sweet potatoes, which, if I remember correctly, are not allowed on GAPS, but you could always sub butternut squash, which is a staple in our house since going grain free. And I can definitely relate to your husband's reaction. :) My husband gets a little tired of my nutritional knowledge sometimes, too. But I'm sure, like my husband, he is also grateful for the health benefits! And you'll be blessed for being so proactive about blessing your family with your knowledge!

  4. Lol ok that made me laugh readIng jeremys thoughts on the matter lol

  5. Hi,
    You can search for "paleo" recipies as they are mostly GAPS friendly.

  6. I found this amazing grain-free pancake recipe, that I posted about on my blog can't wait for your ideas though because I'm giving the paleo lifestyle a shot and there are no-grains when it comes to paleo...

    ...and already walking to the fridge to defrost some broth

    Love, Jules

  7. I found your website from Monday Mania. I can identify with you as far as your husband is concerned! My husband gets frustrated sometimes because of all the things he can no longer eat. I wanted to try GAPS but he is really against eliminating healthy foods like it does. So, I don't know. Anyway, as far as natural cleaners, the absolute BEST resource I've found for our house is a book by Thelma A Meyer (owner of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products) called Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home. It gives ideas on the best way to clean your home with things like baking soda, vinegar, etc. The best thing I found in that book was for a mirror cleaner. She suggested using club soda in a squirt bottle and newspaper to wipe. It works like a charm!

  8. As I am new to traditional cooking,I really appreciate your focusing on what GAPS concepts to incorporate, as my family is not yet ready to take the plunge yet. I was wondering if you have found a good product or recipe for washing dishes by hand.

  9. Hi Wardeh
    Easy home cleaners. My go-to disinfectant is food grade hydrogen peroxide. Diluted 10x to make 3 1/2% and put in a spray bottle. Spray to disinfect cutting boards, countertops, bathroom your hands. Byproduct is water. Rinse veggies and meat it will kill ecoli.
    Pour a cup on cabbages and other brassica will eliminate worms and make the heads keep longer.


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