Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Chickens and a Sissy Rancher

It's been quite stormy around here.  The little cabin is especially warm and cozy on stormy days.  Jeremy and I were just talking about how much we love living in a small home, especially on stormy days.  It just feels so warm and cozy, and all I want to do is drink coffee and tea and make food and read a dozen books.

But... we have these animals out in the barns...
And we have to feed them. 
Even on stormy days.
Coat zipped on.  
Hood cinched tight.
Feet plunged into rain boots.
Lamb bottles in each hand.

1 day 
Wind slaps my face.
Dogs romp by my feet.
Lambs spot me and start to bleat for breakfast.
They drink, and then they rub against my hand for some love.
I pull out some grass for them to munch on until the next feeding.

1 week
On to the next barn.
Legs sting from the rain and wind.
Jeans were a poor choice.
Hands numbly fumble the lock open.
Fourteen chicks wait for fresh food and water.
The once spacious water trough they brood and dart to and from in seems to shrink every day as they grow.

2 weeks
Wind swings the barn doors I'm trying to lock wide open and I stumble back, feeling very small.
It takes three minutes to lock the doors as I fight against the elements with numb hands.
Rain completely drenches my coat.
The dogs are ready for their breakfast.

Two scoops each, into their buckets.
They devour it.
The wind howls.
I open the front door, dripping with rain.
House is warm and smells like breakfast and quiet as the kids trickle out of their bedroom.
Coconut bread is almost ready to come out of the oven.
Coat hangs next to the wood stove to dry.
I feel pitiful and think of how much I dreaded going out there to feed the animals.

If I were perfectly honest though, feelings of excitement and fulfillment brimmed in my heart as soon as I opened that door to start those morning chores.  Sure, it wasn't comfortable.  But it was invigorating.  I suppose this is how it feels, even during the low points, when you begin to do what you've always wanted to do. 

From the outside, it might look silly to be so thrilled by feeding some animals in the rain, but to me, this lifestyle is so much more.

It's healing the land.
It's healing my family.
It's nurturing what nourishes us.
It's exercise built into life.
It's enjoying, admiring, and learning from the Creator through His creation.
It's breathing in fresh, country air.
It's a simpler yet hard-working kind of life.
It's a dream come true.

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  1. Tears............OH how I miss our farm.....
    I love how you LOVE your life!!!!!
    Yes and amen to fresh air and farm chores :)
    Happy Happy times!!!

    Looks like you got road island reds, jersey giants and americana's. Oh the white ones might be buffs or a meat bird. They are adorable!!!

  2. Awww, what cute chickies! They're getting big! We're gettign chicks in a few weeks and everyone is very excited!

  3. I agree with you 100% You are so BLESSED!!! Enjoy every minute. :o)

  4. I love your point of view! That's so how I would feel! someday!!! ;) Oh and beautifully written!

  5. The chicks are growing so fast! but I love the pic of the dogs the best ;o)

  6. Loved your ending there, especially! I'm reading Farmer Boy to Alex right now and have realized how lazy we've become in light of their early mornings, constant chores and dependence on the land.

  7. Oh yes, I can oh-so-totally relate to this! I have felt those feelings many times after arriving back in the house after morning chores. I think that I actually secretly enjoy doing chores during a blizzard more than usual. It's such a good feeling to take care of everything outside and then be able to relax in a warm, cozy house. Great post. :)

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