Sunday, October 17, 2010

7 Reasons to Choose Celtic Sea Salt

  1. Unlike most salts, Celtic Sea Salt does not put harmful additives (like aluminum to keep it from caking and bleach to make it whiter-looking).  If you choose a good brand, the salt is dried in the sun and wind, and that's the only processing it gets.  The enzyme activators and around 80 trace minerals your body needs to survive are still in tact and ready for you to absorb.
  2. It has usable forms of crucial iodine, which aids in metabolizing fat and helps thyroid function.
  3.  It contains absorbable magnesium, which helps your body become heart disease-resistant and aids absorption of calcium, enzymes, and potassium.
  4. It's flavor is highly superior over common table salt and improves the taste of dishes requiring salt.
  5. Gives your body higher resistance to viral and bacterial infections.
  6. When choosing Celtic sea salt, look for a light grey coloring.  It means it contains usable, vital minerals your body needs.
  7. Most sea salts have been refined (see reason number one above).  If your sea salt is white, you're using processed salt.  The "Celtic" part of your sea salt is important.  It most likely means it's been harvested the same way for centuries and all the good stuff in the salt is still there (check the labels to find your salt's story).
Resources: Nourishing Traditions, The Maker's Diet, Azure Standard.
* I am not employed by any of the above mentioned brands.  These statements are tip-of-the-iceberg findings from several years of personal research.*

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  1. I have some of this in my pantry and just haven't opened it because I was trying to finish off what's left of the table salt first...Now I think I'll just toss the old stuff. Thanks Katie :-)

  2. Cool. I love learning something new - especially related to food and cooking. Thanks.

  3. I buy the big bag at WFM. It lasts for about 2 months...and I use it at each meal. Good Stuff!

  4. For the table, what do you place it in? I have tried a salt shaker w/ some ice, but it will not come out. Any suggestions?

  5. Salt shakers have been a problem for us, too. :) I put some in a little bowl on the table and people can take pinches from it.

  6. I bought some of this: Is that essentially the same thing? We love it.

  7. It looks good to me! The color is nice and grey.

  8. Okay, this may seem like I dumb question, but why are additives like aluminum and bleach bad for you? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Celtic Sea Salt is wonderful. I just like to know the reason for using or not using certain ingredients before I jump on the bandwagon :).

  9. Does anyone know anything bad about the REAL Salt brand by redmond??

  10. What can I say. I like pink. I use the himalayan sea salt. I can't handle the processed sodium after using the real stuff for so long! Great post.

  11. Lucille, bleach is a very toxic chemical, and aluminum is a poison. I would imagine that the level of exposure in "Morton" salt is very low, buy I avoid it whenever it is practical. For many years I've used "sea salt" but only recently found the RealSalt. It is delightful! And I love knowing we are ingesting 60 + trace minerals.

  12. Wow! I did not know this. I've just been using regular sea salt. Thanks so much for the post!


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