Wednesday, October 13, 2010

East and West, Part 1

My husband is in Slovakia.  This is where he plays.

There was literally dancing in the street in a place where showing any sign of emotion is normally unheard of.  Boy, did they respond to Jesus!  I'll let Jeremy share the whole story.  It's good.  Really good.

This is where he spoke at mass.

It was his first time attending mass.
I can only imagine the feeling of standing in a place where, after a thousand years of ancient truth was taught, contributing a piece of revelation into that timeless truth.
I really miss him.  The kids really miss him.


The kids and I are staying with my parents.
My dad taught our older children how to dive under waves and how to body surf, just as he taught me when I was their age. 

My four-year-old wanted to join in the lesson.  From the shore.

My two-year-old?  After falling into three inches of water, she decided to practice on dry sand.

Jeremy really misses us.

That's what us Riddles are up to this week.  We are east.  We are west.   We are stepping out.  We are learning new things.  And we are very thankful for video chat.

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  1. Love the pics they are all really good!

  2. Wonderful story! Love the pictures, and the sounds of awakening in the streets of Slovakia. I just finished baking your Pumpkin Cranberry bread, sent one to a friend and am waiting for the other to cool so I can taste it. My kitchen smells divine! Thanks for sharing the recipe, and your stories. God's grace and peace. :)

  3. Thanks, Kirby and Melissa!

    Oh yay! I hope you like the bread, Melissa.

  4. The pumpkin bread was delicious! My girls devoured it. Thanks again!

  5. Such happy news! Thanks for letting me know, it means a lot! :)


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