Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things Learned in Small Spaces

The size of a home doesn't determine the amount of peace, laughter, and affection it's inhabitants enjoy; it's the choices of who's inside that influence a home's atmosphere.

Things get messy quickly but cleaned up almost as fast when it's taken care of right away.

Time can still slip between my fingers even with way less to take care of and no available "distractions" like unlimited internet and TV.

Sharing day-to-day life with those I feel a mutual sense of respect, love, sensitivity, and freedom inspires me to learn from and grow in their strengths.  Life naturally thrives.

Life with beautiful people in beautiful surroundings makes living in small spaces much easier than expected.
Nightly potlucks are fun with people who share an affinity toward food.  And lively children.

Small bathrooms (or what I refer to as porta-potties in a closet) need frequent cleaning, or else... Sticky.

After a year in this queen-sized bed, I think I might not be able to locate my husband in the vast expanse of the California King that's currently in storage.

I can still make chicken stock and refried beans in a tiny kitchen.  Storing it in a teensy fridge is another story...

Owning our home, even if it's in the form of a 5th-wheel, will forever be a priority over renting, even if a 10,000 square-foot home is available for a $200 monthly lease.

Teeny homes don't take the homebody out of me when living in a peaceful atmosphere.

Maybe we'll upgrade to a houseboat in a year...

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  1. I just wanted to encourage you. We lived in a 5th wheel for 2.5 years with 5 children. I miss many things about it, still. Even though we now have baby number 7 on the way, I think we'd move back in, given the chance. :) Surprisingly, we had a bigger kitchen in our RV than we do in our house! Well, we had more storage space there anyhow.

    It would be hard to give up our little farm now, but we do miss it.


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