Monday, May 10, 2010

Back on Track & the Three Sisters

You know what?  I will tell you.  Happiness, thankfulness, joy, excitement, contentedness fills my being.  Why?  Because I am feeling back on track.  No.  Better than back on track.  On a new track.  A good track.  The track I'm supposed to be on.  It has been filled with many happy surprises.  Here come the bullet points that I love so!

  • We have internet in our trailer home.  Which means I am writing you from our cozy mountain dwelling that we have decided is our modern-day Little House on the Prairie log cabin.
  • My handy hubs has built about 593 shelves (give or take) inside our "cabin" making for delightful organization and a place for everything.
  • Our water comes from a well.  Chlorine what?  Bring on the hot showers!
  • The way to and from town is so utterly breathtaking, I find myself looking for excuses to make the drive.
  • My kids have friends (whom I love) that they get to catch bugs, jump on the trampoline, race go-carts, and make shows with every day.
  • We are surrounded by people who daily blow my mind with their wonderfulness.
  • I get to hang a clothesline.
  • I have just been offered a plot to garden in.  Heavenly angels sing!!!
Just as I was about to give away my stash of this year's seeds, I received the garden news.  All I have to say is, it's going to be hard for me to sleep tonight, due to the utter excitement of plunging my hands back into some soil.  Oh, the anticipation of little sproutlets turning into plants yielding fresh nourishment!  There is no exaggeration here, I really will have a hard time sleeping tonight.  Sweet happiness!

I pulled out my treasure box tonight and started dreaming again.  Isn't it wonderous? Oh, the many treats this basket holds within it's braided walls!
I am so incredibly giddy about my first garden project, it must be shared.  First, there will be a circular plot of soil dug up and fertilized.  Next, I will start in the middle and plant about sixteen corn seeds in a cute little circle. (The variety of corn 6-year-old chose for this year would be called "Sugar Buns."  Yeppers.)  Then, around the outside of the corn will come a larger circle of Pencil Pod, Rattlesnake, and Black Valentine pole beans.  Lastly, there will be an outer ring of lovely Early Butternut squash.  There you have it.  The Three Sisters; a bit Native American wisdom.  

I heart companion planting.  The corn supports the beans, the beans give nitrogen to the soil which nourishes the corn, and the squash provides a pest-resistant ground cover that holds in moisture and smothers weeds.  Beautiful.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if my dreams included the Three Sisters tonight.  

Goodnight, kind world.  Tomorrow, I join the beloved league of home gardeners again.  Oh happy, happy day!

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