Saturday, November 6, 2010

Counting Down Again

In 13 days, we will be the new owners of a mini ranch.  Pinch me!  It still feels so surreal.  This is something I've dreamt of for as long as I can remember.  We visited our future home again today, and I was reminded of the amount of love it needs.  We are going to be in the best shape of our lives, that's what.  But someday, someday there really will be sheep.

And there really will be horses.

And there really will be grapes, orchards, garden beds, chickens, ranch dogs, and mouser cats.

And there will be room or my children to romp and get filthy and learn about life through this gorgeous countryside.  And we will look up and see how massively powerful and creative and artistic our Father is, and we find our spirits at peace, knowing that He is God, that He has entrusted this beautiful creation to our hands and hearts to steward, and we are filled with thankfulness.

In 13 days, we will still be living in the trailer as we prepare the little cabin to be suitable for living in, but it will be ours.  Our homestead.  I'm still so amazed.


  1. You know, you really make me feel like I know you, that you're one of my favorite friends, through your happy blogging. I have SO enjoyed journeying with you, praying for you, trying out your recipes, and mostly being really inspired by you. I love how you write, and how the photos you post tell stories. Just be encouraged today that you are planting seeds of great encouragement to many other mamas like me. Sitting down to read your words in the middle of a busy homeschool day is refreshing. I just love how the sweetness of God is all over your new ranch. Happy for your family!

  2. Well Lynn, you just made my day. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing such kind words. Blessings abundantly!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place to live!! I'm so excited for you! My husband and I are dreaming of the day when we will own land and have goats and chickens and a cow... and more doggies... Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! It helps keep me inspired!

  4. Eek! That's so incredibly exciting!! Congratulations, that's so wonderful :D

  5. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! What a dream!!!! I am so happy for you guys! Can't wait to come for a visit:) How far away from Redding is this?

    I love how you have put together these pictures with the writing on them. So creative!

    love you and miss you!

  6. Hi Katie, I am so excited for you guys! A recomendation: make sure the house is really ready before you move in. Mold allergies can be a real problem and can make everything way harder. That's what we are dealing with now. I look forward to hearing(reading) all about it! :)

  7. How exciting! I am so happy for you!

  8. Praise the Lord! What a beautiful post with pictures that adorn. What a blessing and how good is our God?! My prayer is one day to have a bit of His land as well. In His perfect timing. God Bless You Katie and your beautiful encouraging piece of the web. Have a great week!!

  9. I am happy for you. This is a big moment in your lives. It should bring you much joy and contentment.


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