Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Better Late than Never?

For the past three years, I meant to start making all handmade Christmas presents when it looks like this:

But for the past three years, I begin making all handmade Christmas presents when it looks like this:

This year, I started my handmades the day I took that picture.  Which just happens to be today.  Help.

So far (and because everyone I'm making these gifts for reads this blog, I must be very vague until the great after-Christmas unveiling), I've gathered some materials.  And...  I turned these antique silver spoons

into these:

I also eagerly await a certain adorable pattern from a certain adorable friend to make something adorable out of these:

I will, however, spill the beans (so punny, I tell you!) about one gift repeat (for different people, though).  Vanilla extract!  Get it?  Vanilla beans? Spill the beans?  Funny + pun = punny?  No?

According to the check-out guy, I bought "the good stuff."  Good.  Baked goods with this should be... good then.  Want to make some for that special foodie in your life?  C'est très simple.  Go here for instructions.
And that's all I can tell you for now.
Are you making handmades this year?  What?  What?  Do tell, won't you?

I'm sharing this at Simple Lives Thursday.


  1. Proud of you Katie. Receiving homemade gifts makes me feel treasured - that someone would take the time and put in the effort and love to bless me. The making of the gift is better than the gift itself. Nearly all of our gifts are homemade these past few years - fudge and cinnamon rolls for the neighbors; sewn handbags, toys and blankets for family; and this year I am working a lot with wood - making the kids a memory game and frames for all the grandparents. Blessings on you as you craft for those you love :)

  2. Yes, I've got a few gifts in mind. Handmade journals, wire wrapped sea glass pendants, vanilla extract (smile), soap, beeswax candles, herbal tea mixes. Some of these might remain just ideas but definitely some of them will actually get created and given!

    You and your readers might enjoy a grab bag of ideas posted on my blog. Lots of good ideas for inspiration.

  3. I have 5 nieces and I am making them each an old-fashioned, white-and-lace nightgown. Last year I made some of them rag dolls. It is fun and thoughtful to make homemade gifts for Christmas. I just have a hard time coming up with good enough ideas! Thanks for your inspiration. Happy crafting!!

  4. Very excited for the unveiling :) Some year, instead of exchanging gifts, we should make gifts together!

  5. I want to come over and create with you. :)

  6. Love this and what gorgeous spoons! What a find indeed. Every year I say the same thing and then turn to my jelly stash for gifts, lol!! Everyone seems to be happy and it looks like I'll be doing the same thing again this year. Next year I'll start earlier ;)

  7. Oh, the spoons are beautiful! I am making vanilla and cinnamon extract as gifts - I hope they are appreciated!

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