Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Capture ~ Summer

This summer was filled with Nana & Papa cuddles,
raiding their bountiful garden,
discovering wild matilija poppies on the lakebed my husband and I rode horses and mountain bikes on as children,
 keeping warm at the Pacific ocean, 
sharing shakes on the pier,
sleepy endings,
and then, driving home.

Staying at my folks' for the summer was indescribably wonderful.  Five weeks of Nana and Papa and all the love that comes with being together.  Everyone soaked it up like a sponge.  Yesterday was an interesting homecoming.  While we are smiling ear-to-ear to be back where we belong, we're not really going back home, we're going back... camping (read why here).  Camping with a sweet little garden that was watered by the world's best neighbors (my sunflowers and tomatoes waited for me!).
  Although, I've got to say, once we all stepped inside our tiny temporary dwelling, we all felt pretty content.  So much peace happens just by being together.  So I guess we can call it home for now.  Our little camping home.
~Read the archives of this journey here.~

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