Monday, August 23, 2010

Where It Leaves Us: Our Homeschool Journey, Part 3

Today is the day.  The day we take a leap into schooling our way.  I am the navigator, and at times, it makes me a little uneasy (what a huge honor and responsibility!), but mostly the feelings experienced are peace and excitement, if that makes sense.

Today, we begin the process of healing the love of learning in our children.
Today, we see that life is learning; to separate the two is just confusing.
Today, we begin to find our rhythm.
Today, we take our time, go at our own pace, and enjoy the new flow of weekdays.
Today is exciting.

Several readers have been guessing the curriculum and methods we'll be experimenting with.  I'd say, you're probably all correct.  We are most definitely going eclectic this year.  There is a strong Charlotte Mason emphasis, and Ambleside is one of my favorite resources.  I also love unit studies, and delight-directed learning won my heart.  As far as an actual curriculum, math is the only structured one we will use this year.  I was graciously given all the non-consumables for Miquon Math from my dear friend and mentor, Karen Bennett.  The cost for the consumables for all three grades came to about $30 including shipping.

It's time to start now.  The amount of anticipation I'm currently experiencing could be laughable.  The feeling I get from finally stepping out and doing what I've desired to do for the past three years is just amazing.  This forth home schooling year feels like... adventure.  It's time to ring the bell (if I had one).

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