Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan #29 ~ Simple Nourishment

This lil' blog has been quiet these days, I know.  Between sheering and docking, planting and jamming, wrapping up a school year and planning for the next, and the children growing like weeds well-watered plants, there is so much to share.  Life seems to be zooming by, and that's just it.  To miss a pensive question from my ten-year-old, a grand plan to make it rich from our eight-year-old, a story our six-year-old thought up, a hilarious phrasing of words from our four-year-old, or an endearing gaze from this little 12-week-old of mine... to miss any of this would destroy me.  So lots of things are on pause right now before this little season of life slips from my grasp.  I do, however, still need to nourish our bodies and I use these weekly menu plans, so I remain faithful to posting them.  Who knows?  Another post or two might slip in this week, but no promises.  I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

To do: soak porridge
Breakfast:  Fresh Berries, Cottage Cheese, Scrambled Eggs
Lunch:  Salad
Dinner:  Chipotle-Style Food Bar

To do: soak sourdough flatbread, that short ribs for Thursday's dinner
Breakfast:  Porridge & Eggs
Lunch:  Salad
Snack:  Fried Mush & Peach Slices

To do: make sourdough flatbread
Breakfast:  Coconut Flour Crepes with Raw Whipped Cream & Fresh Fruit
Dinner:  Flatbread Pesto Sandwiches & Summer Squash Gratin

Thursday: the last day of school!
To do: thaw beef stock & shanks for Saturday's dinner
Breakfast:  Strawberry Cacao Smoothies, Scrambled Eggs
Lunch:  Nibble Trays
Dinner:  Short Ribs in Tomato Sauce (using fresh tomatoes, omitting the noodles), Steamed Green Beans, & Perfect Potato Wedges

Breakfast:  Raw Summer Berry Tart
Lunch:  Salad
Snack:  Peaches & Cream Smoothies (recipe coming soon)
Dinner:  Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Chicken & Braised Chard

Lunch:  Quesorritos & Fruit Slices
Snack:  Avocado & Raw Cheese Slices
Dinner:  Braised Beef Shanks (a GF version) & Raw Apricot Cobbler

To do: Menu Plan
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Leftovers 
(Sunday is my day off)

I'm sharing this at Monday Mania, Real Food Wednesday, Pennywise Platter.


  1. Love this post. You are choosing well.

  2. So glad you can see this wisdom while you're *still in the moment* :) My "babies" are now 10, 14, 16, and 18... with my 18 yr. old now graduated!! Babies sure DON'T keep! Relish every moment... they don't come back.

  3. I'm glad to still be able to read your menu plan for the week! I've fallen off on making a meal plan and it's shown in an increase in both spending and food waste- not good. I'm glad you are prioritizing family time and happiness but that you've still decided to do these menu plans- very inspirational. Enjoy this time with your babies!

  4. thank you for sharing all of your yummy recipes...everytime i see your menu i not only get hungry but fortunately inspired to try something new. your family is so precious, so glad to see you enjoying each moment!


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