Sunday, May 6, 2012

Real Food Weekly Menu Plan #26

Raw Apple Pie
The forecast this week is telling me to prepare for the annual goodbye to the beloved oven.  Once the thermometer reaches the nineties and above, the oven rests until cooler weather greets us once again.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 90ยบ, so with a tearful farewell, I close the oven door until it dips back down to a reasonable temperature and pull out some old raw food and skillet-cooked favorites; and maybe discover some new ones.


To do: thaw steak for Wednesday's lunch

To do: soak porridge, thaw ball tip for Friday's dinner
Breakfast:  Avocado Slices & Scrambled Eggs
Dinner:  Hamburger Patties Over Lettuce, Tomato, Sauerkraut, & Pickle Relish, Perfect Potato Wedges

To do: soak sourdough flatbread
Breakfast:  Soaked Porridge
Lunch: Steak & Cheese Quesadillas & apriums
Snack: Fried Mush

To do: make sourdough flatbread, thaw enchilada sauce for Saturday night
Breakfast:  Egg Burritos
Snack:  Aprium Kefir Smoothies (recipe coming soon)

To do:  soak sourdough pancakes
Breakfast:  Paleo Breakfast Bread (it's supposed to be cooler today so I'm using the oven)
Snack:  Orange Julius (using kefir instead of milk)
Dinner:  Thai Sirloin Beef (variation) over thinly sliced cabbage, sugar snap peas, & peanut sauce

To do: thaw ground beef for Monday night
Breakfast:  Pancake Bar
Lunch:  Pancake Sandwiches
Snack:  Apriums & Almonds

To do:  menu plan
Breakfast:  Eggs, bacon, & Avocado
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Leftovers
(Sunday is my day off)

I'm sharing this at Monday Mania, Real Food Wednesday.


  1. i like your ideas for meals this week. i am so excited about the apriums in the abundant harvest box, aren't you? i actually ordered extra as an add on. we love fruit as our main snacks. i finally made your probiotic ranch and it is so yummy! thanks for sharing your ideas.

    my recent post: first things first

  2. Ohh...YAY!!! :D I *also* am not going to use my oven until cooler weather! :) I was SO EXCITED to see that someone else is doing the same... a "someone else" that so kindly shares WEEKLY RECIPES and MEAL MENUS ;D *No Pressure* LOL!! I AM looking forward to some new ideas WITHOUT the OVEN :) **Thanks for sharing**


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