Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Plan #22 ~ Simple Spring Dishes

Spring has sprung here in the northwest!  Bright green leaves and new grass is bursting forth, colorful flowers are blooming, baby animals are born... spring is my favorite season (with autumn as a close second).  It's not much longer until we enjoy the abundance of a summertime harvest, but for now, we continue to dine on early spring fare, found in this week's recipes:

To do:
Breakfast:  Soaked Cinnamon Vanilla Baked Oatmeal
Snack:  Raw Strawberry Cacao Kefir Smoothies
Lunch:  (Mostly) Raw Wraps
Snack:  Raw Cheese & Apple Slices
Dinner:  Asparagus Soup, Salad, & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

To do: soak porridge, thaw refried beans for Thursday afternoon & stew for Thursday night
Breakfast:  Grain-Free Coconut Chai Muffins & Eggs
Snack:  Raw Blueberry Kefir Smoothies
Lunch:  Sourdough English Muffin Sandwiches
Snack:  Orange Slices
Dinner:  Macaroni & Cheese (using rice noodles and almond flour instead of wheat flour) & Salad

To do: soak German pancakes
Breakfast:  Porridge & Eggs
Snack:  Raw Cranberry Walnut Kefir Smoothies
Lunch:  Beef & Cheese Dip with tortilla chips & carrot sticks
Dinner:  Roast Beef and Beet & Cabbage Salad

To do: thaw chili for Saturday night
Breakfast:  German Pancakes
Snack:  Raw Apple Pie Kefir Smoothies
Lunch:  Quesorritos & Carrot Slices
Snack:  Raisins
Dinner:  Beef & Veggie Stew & Grilled Asparagus with Herbed Goat Cheese & Prosciutto 

To do: soak sourdough pancakes
Breakfast:  Spinach & Bacon Oven Omelette
Snack:  Raw Orange Julius (using kefir instead of milk)
Lunch:  Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets (thawed from the freezer) veggie slices with Probiotic Ranch
Snack:  Raw Cheese & Apple Slices
Dinner:  Taco Salad & Nut Butter Popcorn

Breakfast:  Pancake Bar
Snack:  Raw Blueberry Kefir Smoothies
Lunch:  Pancake Sandwiches
Snack:  Lara(ish)bars
Dinner:  Simple Chili, Corn Bread, & Apple Spice Cake

To do:  menu plan, soak baked oatmeal
Breakfast:  Paleo Breakfast Bars
Snack:  Dates
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Leftovers
(Sunday is my day off)

I'm sharing this at Monday Mania, Real Food Wednesday.

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