Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother's Day Treats

Fellow mothers of the world.
Our glorious day is just around the corner.  The day of the Mother.
As I'm sure all our children and husbands are absolutely on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what would tickle our fancies this Mother's day, here's a lil something (or two) to suggest from my friends over at Graham Gardens:

For the mother with child, I highly recommend the cocoa melt.  Itchy bellies be gone.  Chocolate and roses.  That's what the fragrance brings to mind.  What is there not to love?  This cocoa buttery wafer glides across the stretchy baby bump and soothes irritated skin.  It's a chocolatey, flowery treat to look forward to after every shower.

For anyone who loves the smell of coffee and the feel of smooth, healthy skin, indulge in a bottle of ipanema scrubby body salts.  Friday showers are extra special now.  It's when I look forward (all week!) to smearing this deliciousness on my skin, scrubbing off dead skin and nourishing the new.  I may or may not unscrew the cap at the beginning of every shower and breathe in the happy scents of this scrub.  Bliss in a bottle, I tell you.

While you browse their aesthetically delightful website, be sure to subscribe to the Graham Gardens newsletter so you can be alerted of their worth-while deals.  I can't wait until the ol' budget replenishes next month so I can buy a stash of their soaps.

Happy early Mother's Day to all you fellow mamas out there.  Relax and enjoy our day, ya hear?

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