Friday, April 13, 2012

In My Corner

In the corner of this tiny cabin, there is a rocker nestled between a couch and a French door.  It's where I find myself spending most of the time.  The view from my corner isn't bad, really.  I see things that absolutely melt me.

Nursing the babe gives me all the excuse needed to devour happy books like this one.

I capture spring erupting outside the window...

and fluffy clouds, birds migrating back north, and encroaching rainstorms out the French doors.


I homeschool, nurse, think, dose off, and observe life from this corner of mine.  The house is messier, the laundry piles up faster, and the dishes want to take over because of all this time spent in the rocker.  This is life for now.  I can't say I mind it.  Things sure do look beautiful from here.


  1. You have a gorgeous view both inside and out.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. :) love this. glad you stopped by yesterday. i promise, my house isn't usually so clean. only when people are stopping by :)

  3. I have an 7 week old baby boy and a 2 and 4 year old boys as well. Thanks for the reminder that life for now may be a little different and a little messier :) I'm truly trying to make the most of this time and reading things like this blog post helps. Thank you!

  4. aw, i can't wait until that is me. any day now, i am hoping...

    my recent post: the waiting place...


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