Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan #13 ~ Keeping Warm & Comfy

It feels good to get these menu plans back up after a break to soak up Christmastime (and beyond).  I definitely ate more goodies than I should have (how could I not, visiting my parent's house?!) and I am rearin' to get back on that nourishing track.

To do: Thaw 3 cups chicken stock, soak sourdough English muffin & German pancake doughs
Snack: Pear walnut cranberry kefir smoothies
Snack: Apple & raw cheese slices
Dinner: Seasoned, grass-fed ground beef with brazed rainbow chard over roasted garlic mashed cauliflower, green salad with probiotic-rich ranch dressing.

To do: Make sourdough English muffins
Breakfast: German pancakes & eggs
Snack: Strawberry almond kefir smoothies
Lunch: Sourdough English Muffin Sandwiches
Snack:  Pear slices & crispy walnuts
Dinner: Taco Salad

To do: Juice apple cider for butternut squash soup, thaw 1# ground beef
Breakfast: Grain-free cinnamon apple muffins & eggs with pastured bacon
Snack: Blueberry kefir smoothies
Lunch: Sourdough English muffin sandwiches
Dinner: Butternut squash soup, sourdough English muffins, salad

To do: Soak porridge, thaw 1# ground beef & pumpkin purée
Snack:  Apple pie kefir smoothies
Lunch: Nibble trays
Snack: Raw hot cocoa & leftover grain-free muffins
Dinner: Winter veggie melt & sausage

To do: Soak sourdough pancakes
Breakfast: Porridge & eggs
Snack: Pomegranate kefir smoothies
Lunch: Leftovers
Snack: apple & raw cheese slices

Breakfast: Pancake bar
Lunch: Pancake sandwiches
Dinner: Rice noodle spaghetti & meatballs (using almond meal instead of breadcrumbs) & pumpkin pie

To do: Menu plan, soak baked oatmeal
Breakfast: Spinach cheddar omelettes
Snack: Grain-free garlic rosemary crackers
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Leftovers


  1. Have you made the baked oatmeal before? My soaked versions have flopped...just wondering if you have tried it with the steel cut oats (because I would prefer to use these), and also which sweetener you find works best. Thanks, what a fabulous looking meal plan!

  2. Hi Jessica! I have used this recipe and we love it! I used rolled oats and rapadura for the sweetener. It's a winner at this house. :)

  3. wow, you are so organized! Have a great week.

  4. I wish I could get myself together like this!


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