Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gluten-Free Weekly Menu Plan, Week 8

Hello, friends.  Between two of our kin getting sick, our oldest at summer camp, and then the Fourth of July festivities, there wasn't much to speak of in terms of a weekly menu the last two weeks.   I combined our two week's eats into one weekly menu.  Also, I must clarify the use of an oven on Tuesday after boldly stating I veer away from baking in the summertime.  We had a freak cold day and the oven and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Now you know.

To do: Soak buckwheat groats
Breakfast:  Carrot juice & Raw, Good Morning Muesli (pictured above)
Snack: Raw blueberry milk kefir smoothies
Dinner: Turkey Pesto Pasta & Garden Salad

To do: Dehydrate buckwheat groats, thaw chicken stock for Thursday's dinner, & make pesto
Breakfast: Ginger zinger juice & eggs with cheese
Snack: Raw strawberry banana milk kefir smoothies
Lunch: Quesorritos
Snack: Cantaloupe slices
Dinner: Carrot soup & Grain-Free Maple Pecan Cupcakes

To do: Soak porridge & sourdough english muffins, make raw cookies
Breakfast: Avocado slices & Eggs
Snack: Raw Mixed berry milk kefir smoothies
Lunch: Nut Butter & Honey Popcorn, carrot & cheese slices
Snack: Watermelon slices
Dinner: Salmon patties (use almond meal instead of breadcrumbs) over garden salad & homemade raw ice cream

To do: Make sourdough English muffins & soak rice & peanuts
Breakfast: Porridge & eggs
Snack: Raw Veggie milk kefir smoothies
Lunch: Sourdough English muffin sandwiches
Snack: Fried Mush & blueberries
Dinner: Gazpacho & potato wedges

To do: Make peanut butter, soak sourdough pancakes
Breakfast: Sourdough English muffins & eggs
Snack: Raw berry milk kefir smoothies
Lunch: Hummus & veggie slices with cheese
Dinner: Crock Spaghetti Rice (recipe coming soon) & raw blueberry pie

To do: Soak skillet biscuits (recipe coming soon)
Breakfast: Pancake Bar
Lunch: Leftovers from the night before
Snack: Honeydew slices
Dinner: Slow Cooker Steak & Bean Burritos (recipe coming soon)

To do: Menu plan
Breakfast: Skillet Biscuits (recipe coming soon)
Lunch: Leftovers
Snack: dates
Sinner: Leftovers
(Sunday is my day off)

Have a lovely week!

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  1. You are sooo organized! I love that you plan all meals and snacks for the day. We just have a list of available snacks on the fridge each week (Wait! That's a good blog post!) Anyway...getting great ideas from your menu.


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