Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Together Outdoors Tuesday ~ Take It Outside

After being indoors during the long, cold winter weather (and this homebody is not complaining), it's hard for me to mentally transition into the idea of being outside.  That sounds kind of strange coming from an avid lover of the outdoors.  I am a walking contradiction.  

I've been thinking about all the things we do inside that can easily be brought outside.  There are a lot.  It's raining again (yee haw!), but we spent a little bit of time on the dry, covered porch with our electronics.  I mean, if we're going to be sitting around with cordless devices, we might as well be getting some fresh air while we do it, right?

Why is it important to be outside, even when it's cloudy?  Well, our bodies thrive more when they're given fresh air.  In the winter when houses are almost always closed up, the air in them get pretty high levels of toxic fumes from cleaners and radon build-up from the cement that slab houses rest on top of.  Here's an article if you want to read more info.

So I'm challenging myself.  Join in on the fun if you like.  I'm going to see how often we can be outside (weather permitting) while we go about our daily lives.  So far, we're doing schoolwork, blogging, and DS-ing outside...  Baby steps.  This will be so much easier when it's sunny.  And now...  we are cold and taking this party back inside.

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