Thursday, February 25, 2010

Road Trip!

An interesting fascination has swept our church, and that is... the sleep cycle.  I wasn't going to participate because I was too different to go with the flow.  Apparently, I am not.  It turns out to be quite interesting, after all.  

4-year-old had a rough night last night, and when she decided to crawl in bed with me, so did I.  Actually, I was glad to snuggle with her through the night and monitor her breathing.  She is such a little lover.  Normally, I can only take so much suction cup cuddling at night when I'm trying to sleep, but I drank it up this time.  My kids' recent simultaneous springtime growth spurts just shouted, "Your kids are growing up faster than you realize!" in my face.  So I'll take the cuddles while their little selves are still tiny and willing, even if I have to give up some sleep.  And I did.  I gave up... lots of sleep.

I felt like I was dreaming through most of today.

Our two youngest and I went to 4-year-old's 10:45 doctor's appointment this morning.  They are so adorable.
It turns out her bronchitis came back and she's back on meds.  But... the doctor gave her the go-ahead for our little weekend adventure, so we are Oregon-bound!  Yee haw!  I've never been to Oregon.  We are all pretty excited to go together.  So I'll be takin' this blawg on the road for the first time, tracking our goings on, the sites, the foods (of course), and sleep cycles.  It is going to be riveting, I tell you.

I sleep now.  I can literally feel how purple the bags under my eyes are.  Until tomorrow, then.  See ya in Oh-ree-gone!

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