Friday, February 12, 2010

Crafty Friday ~ Doodles

Today's Crafty Friday comes in the form of a book review.  My friend, Rissa introduced me to this book two Christmases ago.  From it, I learned how to make most of the presents we gave that year.  Doodle Stitching is not only chock full of great ideas to spark your imagination for unique works of your own, but it gives easy-to-follow steps to learn several embroidery stitches.  It also provides a list of supplies needed and the specific thread color codes for each project so you can equip your craft cabinet (or unorganized embroidery bag, if you're me) before you launch into it.

The book has great gift ideas for any occasion and it's a satisfying way to stock your gift closet by working on a project as time allows while you watch a movie or listen to a teaching or book on CD.  I've discovered embroidering flour sack kitchen towels are incredibly easy and forgiving.  Here are a few things I've made inspired from this book:
These little felt woodland creatures (pg. 44) were for my little niece.
And here are some of those flour sack towels.
My 7-year-old is working on this one:
On another note, my boy is turning six tomorrow.  Hence the quickie post today.  So to recap: Fun book to look at.  Easy to understand.  Very inspirational.  I must now run around like a mad woman in festive preparation.  The end.
I'm sharing this at the Handmade Christmas Gift Carnival


  1. Oh, my girls will love to make these for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the post.


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