Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Appliance of the Week ~ Pumping Iron

Multitasking brings me life.  It just does.  It feels like a superpower.  Not only can I scramble eight eggs, I can protect my family from dangerous carcinogens, get more iron into our diet and work every arm muscle imaginable all at the same time.  How do I accomplish this great feat?  Just call me Cast Iron Woman.  Actually, don't.  I'll forget I said that and won't respond and that'll just be embarrassing for both of us.

Realizing that cast ironware isn't exactly an appliance, I still decided it counts as a Wednesday post.  It's my blog and I can do want I wanna.  So there.  Cast iron pots and pans aren't for everyone.  If you have certain restrictions that keep you from lifting heavier objects, ignore this post completely and enjoy some good stainless steal or copper cookware, but please let go of your non-stick stuff.  They are loaded with carcinogenic materials that have been proven to leach into your food.  Gross.

I might not have the time or money for the gym, but being the multitasking lover that I am, trading convenance for strength and health just works I tell you.  A properly seasoned cast iron skillet is more nonstick than any Teflon pan I've ever used (I avoid canola oil, which is what she used in the video linked above.  For health-promoting reasons, my oils of choice are olive and coconut.).  Cooking in cast iron actually adds iron into your foods, especially when there is a tomato base in what you're preparing.

It is my wish that every kitchen was equipped with cast iron.  Maybe someday when I can afford the shipping costs I'll do a giveaway.  I would love that.  In the meantime, see if grandma has any extra iron she'd like to share with you.  I bet it would tickle her pink to show you how to care for them, too.


  1. Do you have trouble cooking eggs in them? Scrambled eggs ALWAYS stick in my pans. I think maybe I get them too hot or something.

    I agree about the oil thing. I don't even have canola oil in the pantry. I have used peanut oil occasionally, because it's cheaper, but still great at high temps.

  2. If I add 1/2 tablespoon of butter in the skillet and heat it up before pouring in the eggs, they don't seem to stick. I just can't be scared to use a little fat to keep things loose. :)

  3. I got my pan at a thrift store for $4...and it was already seasoned!! :) I LOVE using it.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on nonstick pans.

    I have 2 wonderful iron skillets I inherited from my grandma. They must be over 50 years old. They are a must for yummy fried potatoes. Mmmmmm.

  5. Okay okay, I've been wanting these forever and just haven't spent the money. I like the idea of a thrift store. I saw some there a long time ago and should have grabbed em then! I'm inspired once again by your post Katie! Thanks.


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