Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oregon, Part 2

The hotel beds were actually cozy.  I was ready for some good sleep, but then...
I wish those three beautiful hours of deep sleep were accurate, but that's when the phone dropped off the bed as I hoisted 21-month-old into it.  Oh well.  At least the other three kids miraculously slept like little logs.

Waking up, I could feel the business of the day in the world of intercession.  There was the women's conference Jeremy was playing at.  I had friends speaking and interceding at another conference south of us.  And then there was the earthquake in Chile.  And all the tsunami advisories.  Seeing next to nothing come of the tsunami warnings was beyond encouraging.

We dressed, we brushed, we meandered downstairs to the kitchen. It was the moment 6-year-old had been waiting for: waffles.  Waffles and bagels.  Yes, it was a refined flour frenzy that only comes but once in a blue moon.

I didn't get to take any footage of the women's conference.  Photography was strictly prohibited, but it was a wonderful gathering.  The speaker was engaging and inspirational. Jeremy and Martin (the amazing cellist), aka the acoustic dynamic duo, decided on a new mission in life: to lead worship at women's conferences.  In Hawaii.  Those ladies spoiled us up one way and down another.  Jer and Martin would walk into the green room with euphoric, stunned expressions, double-fisted with coffees and smoothies.  They muttered, "They just gave them to us as we walked off stage."  Incredible.

At lunch, the kids opened boxes given to them that held the funnest surprises.
Us grown-ups were quite delighted, as well.
It was all prepared by them; not store-bought.  What a personal touch.  We felt so loved.

While we waited for Jeremy to wrap up, the kids watched a movie with Mr. Owl...
And I studied a timeline drawn up during the Civil War.

My sweet, considerate 8-year-old decided on her own to write a thank you letter.  I love her.

Sadly, we didn't have time to sight-see... or so we thought.  There was little visibility on the way up to Oregon.  The drive back home was breathtaking.
We saw gorgeous rivers, valleys, mountains, and then the sight that stole our hearts forever.
Mt. Shasta
Jer has decided to build a cabin where we took that picture.  I have decided we will have cows and we will have a ranch and my husband will become a cowboy and he will yodel the cows and I to sleep every night.  We took about 35 photos of that mountain, but I promise to only post one more capture of it.

There.  Now, we are home.  I think I've caught the bug that's been floating around our family.  My amazing babes surprised me with breakfast in bed.
The trip was beautiful, filled with amazing people, and was short and sweet.  It's a gorgeous day, and after I make the kids smoothies, I hope my body will allow me to spend a little time in the garden.  Happy Sunday, friends.


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