Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In-the-Garden ~ Budding Journalists

Guess what?  It's raining again and my kids are getting over being sick, so there's no way we're going outside.  Geesh, Tuesdays are going to be so much easier to write about in a couple months.  Honestly though, I don't mind all this inside time.  I'm still in hibernation mode.  As I keep telling the kids, before we know it, we'll be living outside and you'll be begging me to let you back in the house.

Here's a little network we discovered last year that my kids really enjoy and get inspiration from.  It's called The Everyday News Network.  These are little homemade video clips kids and their families make about... whatever they want, pretty much.  If you decide to watch them with your kiddos, be prepared for inspired little broadcasters reporting all throughout your house.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll be watching one of your reports on the ENN this month!  A word to the wise, make sure you close the door when using the restroom, or you might become a featured primetime, exclusive story.

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