Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March On The Homestead

It' hard to believe how much has happened this month.  We have enjoyed sunny, warm days where we romp in the creek and then jump with glee on the trampoline.  While doing so, my seven-year-old exclaimed, "I haven't had this much fun in years!"

The next day, it's cold and gray.  I was relieved we hadn't planted the seedlings yet after noting the size of the hail.

We added twenty pullets to our little homestead.  It's amazing how they are nothing but chirping little balls of fluff at first...

... and after three short weeks, they look like little hens and have mowed through fifty pounds of starter feed.

Our littlest turned one.  This, my friends, is mind-boggling.  He is a running, front-facing, little ball of joyous energy.  He keeps me in shape and that's the truth.

In March, our days begin with setting eleven trays of seedlings outdoors to harden off and prepare for their new home in the garden.

Speaking of the garden, things are really coming along.  As the plot was grated, we discovered a sink hole in which the skid steer fell half way down.  Our skilled garden-builder was able to shovel his way out as I kept a chain that was connected to the skid steer and a car tight enough to keep it from falling back in.  It was quite the adventure!

The plot is leveled, irrigated, and the fencing (and even some beds!) are going up as I write.  I can't believe my eyes as a new bit is added every day.  It's a very much long-awaited dream come true and there's no hiding my glee!

Everything is blooming and it makes my heart sing with hope.  

blueberry buds
 Little figs have even begun to grow!

And I keep discovering new plants on the property.  These bridal vail flowers have captured my heart.  Aren't they cute and tiny?  They are about the size of half a dime.

I made it through my first speaking engagement in eleven years.  The audience was amazing.  Thanks for being so kind, folks.  It was quite fun talking about what I love: good, healthy food, family, and how to marry the two.  If you are interested in watching the wellness seminar, you can buy it here.

The last day of winter ended with a rainy day and a burn pile.

It's amazing to think that next month, just a week away, even more will take place.  Our Christmas Cabin will undergo it's first process of expansion.  The garden will be complete and hundreds of seeds will find their home in it.  Our little pullets will leave the brooder to free range on our pasture.  The most amazing, exciting part of all will be spending a first full month with my parents as our neighbors.  This is a massive dream come true and I am humbled and honored to have them close after living nine hours apart for the past six years.  March has been a beautiful month.  We welcome in April with open arms.


  1. beautiful!! I have neer seen blueberry blossoms before! haha. Gorgeous. What a beautiful season you are in. =)


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