Saturday, June 11, 2011

Soap Nuts WINNERS!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway.  If you aren't one of the winners, I encourage you to buy a sample bag from Nuts4Soap and try them out.  I think you'll like them as much as we do!  As we transition sssslllloooowwwwlllyyy into GAPS, it's not just our diet that needs to change, but everything we use on our bodies, including laundry detergent.  Discovering soap nuts has been so huge because it's not only GAPS-legal, but it doesn't take any extra effort to use them instead of the detergent I had been using before.  I love it when a healthy change isn't a time commitment, don't you?

On to the winners! selected the following six entries as winners:
  1. Comment # 35: Laurie said... I like Nutz4Soap on FB.
  2. Comment # 67: Daphne said...I posted link on my facebook! Oh happy day!
  3. Comment # 78: Rachel said... I'm following riddlelove on twitter.
  4. Comment # 17: alszambrano said... I tweeted the suggested tweet @alszambrano
  5. Comment # 61: Lili said... I just subscribe to your feedburner! Love your site!
  6. Comment # 2: charis said... i visited the site and it is cool to see they can be made into a liquid to use as an all purpose cleaner. i would love to try them out and see how they work.
Congrats, winners!  Please email me your addresses and I'll forward them to Nutz4Soap so you can receive your sample bag!  Enjoy!

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