Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Piña Colada Water Kefir ~ A Recipe

It's been almost two months since the first taste of water kefir went down the hatch with surprised delight.  I'm happy to report that my water kefir grains are thriving and multiplying.  Our family's favorite  flavor has honestly been the plain kind (or original?), though I do enjoy some shavings of fresh ginger in mine.  The other day, I wanted to play around with some new water kefir flavor sensations.  Why?  Because I was a little stressed and experimenting is a way I find peace.  I can see everyone's heads tilting and giving me that quirky stare right at this very minute.  But hey!  I discovered a winning combo!  Not only is this beverage divine (this might weird some of you out even more), but the pineapple and coconut were a delicious snack after I downed the water kefir.  I'm serious!  It's like a happy to-go drink and snack all in one.  Movingrightalong...

Next time, I'd love to try this with coconut milk and pineapple juice for a creamier drink (I just used what was already in the fridge and pantry), but at the same time, I can't lie.  The fruity chunks and I agree with each other.  It kinda feels like rolling open a can of fruit, drinking the syrup, then eating the contents.  You know, like a secretly naughty treat that you don't really tell anyone about because you might think it will gross them out, but in reality they do the very same thing because it's so dang good.  No?  Just kidding, then.  I mean, who would ever do something like that, right?  Gulp.

Piña Colada Water Kefir
1 quart water kefir
2/3 cup fresh pineapple chunks

Some tips:
  • I kind of squeezed the pineapple chunks into the water kefir a bit to release the juices more.
  • Although you can totally leave it out at room temperature for a day or two, I preferred it chilled.
*Disclaimer:  It's been years and years and years since I last bought a can of fruit (and sipped of it's sweet nectar), so can I please maintain the "healthy girl" status?  Pretty please?


    1. Are you comfortable giving your kids water kefir? I ask this because I have switched to making it with fruit juice, and find that it very much tastes and has the effects of a glass of wine!
      Am I doing something wrong, or am I more affected my its some what alcohol content than others?

    2. What a great idea! I made almost the same drink, except I just left the pinapple chunks in there, I will have to try adding raw cocnut milk that's laying around in the fridge. Well.... I just did it, it is Pina Colada!
      My kefir water is very unsweet, I let it ferment longer for that reason, so my new Pina Colada is kind of tart! I LOVE it!! Thanks!!!

    3. Sweet, I'm glad it worked for you! I've got coconut milk on my shopping list for next week and am very much looking forward to trying it out. :)

    4. My kids do drink water kefir. The alcohol content should only be less than 1%, although making it with fruit juice will give it a higher alcoholic content. How long do you leave yours out for?

    5. I am soooo making this!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

    6. 1-2 days depending on when I run out, never longer than that.

    7. Sounds amazing Katie and not at all wierd! I do the same all the time with my flavored water kefirs. Experimenting is So stress relieving. Have you ever tried flavoring it with ginger and raspberries? So good! So is flavoring it with Jamaica (Hibicus Flowers). Blueberries are good too, oh the possibilites are endless!

    8. Nice to find a kindred spirit when it comes to experimenting with food. And a fellow Katie, even! :) Ginger and raspberries sounds divine, I'll have to try that next. Isn't water kefir the funnest?!

    9. I will have to try this. I put a half cup of fresh sliced strawberries in a 3 cups of water kefir and left it at room temp over night. I strained it and poured it over ice the next day and it was super fizzy, tasted like a light strawberry soda and was super yummy. It did have a slightly higher alcohol content, maybe 2%. I have made some water kefir that neared 4% before. Any time you do a second fermentation at room temp with a sweet fruit you will get a higher alcohol content.

    10. I haven't tried water kefir yet but I can guarantee you I would do something just like this and also feel strange about sharing it! I'm sure it's delicious and I look forward to trying it myself some day!

    11. Sounds great - I'll be giving it a try :)

    12. I blended the pineapple and coconut together, then added it to my kefir (that had been fermented for 48 hours). I let it sit for about 10 hours, then I put it in the freezer for a couple hours (not totally frozen, but close). I blended it! Soooooo yummy! Like a real pina colada!

    13. Did you ever try making it with ginger and raspberries? Yup, water kefir is awesome! Love your name too by the way. Are you a Katie or a Katherine?

    14. Just made strawberry lemonade popsicles with our water kefir this morning. "Lemonade" is our favorite way to drink it. I must confess, after years of avoiding sweet drinks, I feel like I'm being bad everytime I drink it!

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