Friday, August 30, 2013

Six Moves and Happy News

After the sudden serge of daily posts, silence fell over this space once again.  Summers are normally very busy around here, but as I sit down for a moment after moving our family (again), I calculated that we will have moved six times before re-moving back in to Christmas Cabin once it's all grown up.  Six moves in five to six months.  Granted, we are not moving all of our belongings each time, but it is enough for a family of seven to get by on for half a year.  And I bulk-buy grains and legumes.  By the 25-pound bags.  And preserved the harvest that ended in over two hundred pounds of canned goods.  It's a lot.  Enough to make one's eyes cross, even.

So here we are, back with my generous parents, bunking at their house until we can move into ours.  Here is where I share the news of a dream come true: my parents are closing escrow on a home right next to ours!  One that we have dreamt of them living in since we moved here.  This is a very long story with many twists and turns.  It deserves it's own series of posts.  My mama is working on one over at her blog presently.  All I have to say is that I feel so very spoiled.  It makes moving two more times within the next six weeks bearable.   Until next time, whenever next time will be (I am ever hopeful that each day will be "next time"), may these last bits of summer be as sweet as watermelon straight off the vine and ice cream scooped right out of the churn.  Love to you all.

Little Joseph & Nana


  1. Katie, thank you for your posts. There is always so much love wrapped in them, no matter what their about. It blesses me. I pray super strength and peace as you move through the coming weeks and make your final move into the Christmas cabin! Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. :) Happy weekend to you.

  3. Beautiful! I always enjoy your posts. The Joy of the Lord is certainly your family's strength! Blessings!


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