Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Capture ~ Winter

Ah, winter.  I love the coziness it brings.  This year, I attempted my first winter garden.  It is meager, but a start!  Sadly, my nice camera is out of commission, so I had to complete this assignment with the iPhone. :)

We get a LOT of rain here in the Pacific Northwest during the winter, but today we had a little break, so I made the most of it and enjoyed every second of being outdoors, no matter how soggy it was.  First, the chicken coop.  Not so fun, but it does yield all the free fertilizer I need, so that is happy.
And here is my very first head of heirloom broccoli grown from seed!
This little cabbage head is quite tattered, but it's organic, it's local (from my backyard), and it's from a seed that I planted.
And after a lovely day outdoors, I brought some of the bounty in (spinach, rosemary, & broccoli) to make a yummy raw soup.  Goodness.

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