Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atmosphere Thursday ~ Come FLY With Me

It's amazing the type of atmosphere a clean & tidy home can have.  Even if it's just clean-ish & tidy-ish.  My husband's mood seems to dramatically shift when he walks into a clean home, & the children become way more peaceful.  Maybe it's the wonderment of rediscovered toys that were hidden under couches & beds for 186 days.  Whatever it may be, uncluttered homes seem to encourage a sense of centered well-being.

Sometimes, it's just good to take a step back & re-prioritize.  I am really good at taking the time to do the things I love, but not so good at, well, being a consistent cleaner.  Don't get me wrong, I clean what feels like all the time, but with four kids eight years & under, it's apparently not enough.  Or just unorganized, frantic cleaning before people come over.

I was turned on to FLY Lady about four years ago.  She offers a free program to inspire (sometimes with a swift kick to the pants) homemakers not only to complete the daily drudgeries, er, blessings of house cleaning, but she finds ways to make it fun and how to incorporate the whole family, which is key, I tell you.

  To be perfectly honest, I slipped into the land of CHAOS over the past few months, so this past week, I just reviewed her site & put together a schedule (phone alert reminders & all) so it becomes routine again. *Sigh.*  I love baby steps, tossing aside perfectionism, & how "you're never behind; jump in where you are."

I have just officially inspired myself to rid this house of hot spots & conduct a 5-minute room rescue.  Readysetgo.

Take a gander at more Katie's Quick Home Keeping Tips Here. ~


  1. I JUST started flylady myself last week. Good words!

  2. Ahhhh. . . . I so needed this little kick in the pants. I'll be delving into the Fly Lady's website. Looks like some good stuff in there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. me too! it's been about 8 days now. It's definitely changed the atmosphere in our home!

  4. I have heard of her....and read a bit of her site. I'm working on the same stuff....a chore chart and goals for the day. It is nice when I can say I did something productive that day besides changing 15 something diapers and cleaning up 6 meals.


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