Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In-the-Garden Tuesday ~ Little Seedlings

It.  Is.  Cold.  And wet.  And I don't wanna be together outdoors.  But I do wanna be together.  And I wanna think about being outdoors (when it's warm & sunny).  And I love to prepare ahead.  And we just made lots of newspaper pots for little seedlings to sprout in.  So I say, let's get dirty.  Indoors.  Where it's warm.  Mmmkay?

Now is the time to start seeds indoors.  So many seeds.  Like tomatoes, celery, onions, cabbage, & even peppers if you can keep them warm enough outside in a few months.  Gardening with children is magical.  Especially when they're old enough to know not to pluck green tomatoes or pull up baby plants when they're helping you weed.  If you don't have much room, find a couple large pots & grow a salad.  Or fill up a trash can with dirt & seed potato & grow 25 pounds of your own taters.  It's hands-on learning about where our food comes from.  We're able to see first-hand the amount of work, water, & time that's invested into a single carrot.  This is a great beginning to a whole bunch of good times outdoors together throughout the coming months.  Besides, eating vegetables that you started from seed is the coolest thing ever.  Even for us grown-ups.

So if you haven't ordered your seeds yet, bundle up your little green thumbs & go choose some seeds & potting soil at your local lawn and garden store.  My son always picks the greatest seeds.  He's all about the name.  This year, he chose "Sugar Buns."  Can you guess what vegetable they are?


  1. Yay! I love the 2nd picture. So sweet.

  2. I Love the lil feet! We have done this when we had a Garden! So Fun!

  3. I love your blog. So so happy to my heart. Thank you!


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