Monday, January 18, 2010

Nutrition Monday ~ Our Daily Bread

Did you know the average family can save about $900 a year by making their own baked goods?  Not to mention the immense health benefits that come from eliminating all those additives & preservatives which are found in just about every store-bought bread, cracker, and cookie.  Yep, even the "healthy, whole-wheat" ones.  How does 91 cents per loaf sound?  That's how much your homemade bread will cost you to make.

Making your own daily, or sandwich bread can be intimidating at first, but after a few batches, my fear of making yeast breads left & it became a quick routine that fills our house with the most comforting scent ever.  Who needs air fresheners when fresh bread is being baked?

After trying several recipes, I keep coming back to this very quick & easy recipe from The Urban Homemaker.  While you're browsing her site, be sure to get her free ebook, "Steps to the Best Bread."
It's a great recipe as she's already converted it to whatever method you choose to make it, be it by hand, Kitchen Aid, Bosch, etc.  I love all the different conversions she has for this simple bread recipe, like cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, hamburger buns... there are 13 variations in all!

If you're not sure about the time commitment, it takes an hour & ten minutes from start to finish, but it requires only 10 minutes of your time, the rest of the time is for rising and baking.  Pretty do-able, if you ask me.

So if you don't already, have fun with some dough, save money, fill your house with amazing aromas, & provide nourishing options for your family all at once!  My family now prefers homemade bread to store-bought, & that is a pretty satisfying accomplishment.

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  1. YAY....I have been wanting to make our own breads anyway and I even bought all the Brown rice flour and all....Today I shall! Thanks!

  2. Awesome tips with the Urban Homemaker's recipes. I've got to find brown rice flour now. Great idea!

  3. I didn't see soaking in her recipe. Do you sprout your wheat and grind it yourself...or how do you alter a recipe to include soaking. Less liquid...?

  4. This was posted when I took a brea from soaking dough, although she does have a version with a soaking option. I actually don't use this recipe at all anymore and if I make bread, it's always sourdough.

  5. hi katie, i would be interested to know what your best and easiest basic, everyday sourdough loaf recipe is. the one i have been using takes a long time to make! thanks, sarah (@stayingawakeblg)


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