Friday, May 17, 2013

I Want To Homeschool But... I Am Battling The Baby Blues

This post is one that has been on my heart to write since last August.  It's taken me this long to pour it out because it's quite a vulnerable subject that many have very strong feelings about.  Both Jeremy and I are advocates of homeschooling.  We were both homeschooled.  Today I share our journey of why our children attended our church's school this year, what our plans are for next year, and the importance of mothers, families, and communities supporting and loving each other no matter what their schooling choices are.  I had the privilege of sharing this story over at Cheeky Bums, so head on over there if you are interested in reading.  Happy weekend!


  1. So much wisdom. Yes, thank you for sharing your heart, Katie... Rockstar indeed!

  2. Very Rad. I can't even imagine keeping your peace with 5 kids. I tend to get occasionally overwhelmed with just one. Interestingly, my family did a little if all 3 sectors. Small Christian school, home school, Christian school, public school then he school then public school! Talk about adapting! Haha. We lived in a very small town though so public school was pretty mellow. :)
    Thanks for sharing Katie! You are an inspiring mother!

  3. Thanks Katie, that was beautiful!!!!!

  4. Katie, Thank you for sharing. I am wrestling a bit with feelings of guilt. For the last two years I have homeschooled my now 9 year old daughter (for 2nd and 3rd grade). However this year with an active 5 year old and even more active 2 year old, I just am feeling like I'm not giving her enough time. So next year she and I have agreed that she will be gong back to public school. A very hard choice that I still get on the fence about, but one I think is best for her and me at this time.
    Thanks again for sharing honestly!

  5. I grew first going to public school and then being home schooled for several years before going back to public school for my high school years. My husband and I have three children. Two go to public school and one is currently being home schooled but will be going back to public school this fall. Every family/child/situation is unique and you have to find what works best for your children and for your family.

    I suffered from PPD after each of my pregnancies so I can completely relate and applaud you for talking about it and for being proactive to do the best thing for your family. It's really tough, especially when you're in the middle of it, to even think clearly. I never went the medication route, instead I chose to ride it out and that worked for me, although I know that doesn't work for everyone. I'm glad to hear that you're better now. :)

    I love how trials open our eyes and change us into more compassionate, understanding, less judgemental people.

  6. That was lovely........thank you for sharing. I am sorry you have had such a rough time. God is with you and moving on behalf of your family. I can't wait to see it unfold.

  7. i wrote this really long detailed comment at the site you wrote for, and then it said i entered the capcha wrong and deleted my whole comment. boo on that. the gist (without re-writing it) is bill and i have been talking over and over this very issue of the schooling camps with ultra strong opinions, and you put beautifully into words what has been on my heart to express from my particular angle. you are an encouragement to me to watch how you serve God and your family and i always wish there was time and opportunity to get to know you better because you are a well of wisdom and grace. this post really was encouraging to me.

  8. I applaud your courage in every respect here!

    When I was traveling to speak and lead worship, I experienced the "camps" even more dramatically than at home. I was personally affected by the issue from the beginning of homeschooling my kids, too, so that makes 20 years of the same judgments between "those who do and those who don't" on both sides. I am tired of judgment. I have enough to be concerned about in my own little heart! I think that blessing parents in their often difficult and heart-wrenching choices by coming alongside them with encouragement and kindness, is more what loving each other looks like.

    One more thought. I've seen people all throughout stages of life who, once they figure out what works for them, feel compelled to make sure that the rest of the world does the same. Maybe that's because other people joining them validates their choice? I have compassion for them as well, because, eh-hem, I know I've done the same...

    Love you, Katie!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this. What beautiful insight.

  10. To lay the groundwork - we are 2nd gen. homeschoolers and home birthers, too!

    And what a great post. How cruel that if we feel we do something that appears to be out of our "camp" ("Don't you know that has sugar in it?" "That's not organic, you know - we ONLY eat organic." "Oh, you did a year of [public, Christian, co-op] school?"), we feel not only the scathing and judgmental looks of others but the need to explain ourselves to them, over and over again!

    I have a friend who, on first glance, is a "typical" conservative-type person, but upon closer examination, things appear in her life that don't fit the norm! Getting tipsy on margaritas with her husband - how does that fit in our normal picture of an earth muffin homeschooling church-going skirt-wearing mom? Four births by cesarean and the kids staying with grandma for the week - how does this go along with all-natural, organic, homemade bread person we have fabricated in our minds?

    But the truth is, she simply does what SHE needs, likes, and wants, and hang it all if you have any preconceived notions about what she should do! Do you know the story? Do you know about a ruptured uterus and a life-or-death ambulance ride to an emergency operation? Not only does she experience incredible freedom by making independent (really, truly independent) choices, but those of us around her do, too, as we are liberated to do what WE need, not what THEY think is right for us.

    Huge kudos to YOU for deciding to do what was right for your situation.

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  12. I have five kids too and was rolling along and boy did number five put me over the edge. At four I thought I had the kid thing down. I was wrong. Haha. Had a bit of a breakdown but breakdowns can be good when they help you refocus. I hopped over and read your article. It was so good. I homeschool but live in Los Angles and couldn't afford school or get them in one if the public ones I preferred so I had to keep at it. But I started hiring a babysitter one afternoon a week to leave by myself for sanity. I also switched to a homeschool charter to have extra money for books and music lessons and even that I heard some comments from traditional homeschool crowd. But it was such a good decision for us for the money for great music lessons and for the accountability to stay on task. Every mom very family is different. Every year is different. I've learned not to say never....almost everything I've said never too I've ended up doing. Thank you for being real.

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