Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Winter Kitchen

In my winter kitchen:
  • There is almost always a pot of bone stock simmering.  Some is immediately used for a dinnertime soup, the rest is either placed in the freezer for later or directly put in enchilada sauce (if we are running low), or to used to make rice for the week.
  • The oven is frequently baking a batch of muffins or slow-cooking a roast of sorts.
  • Dirty dishes are always waiting in the sink for cleaning, and the window above is letting in more wintertime sunshine then usual.  The windowsill plants are happy about that, and I try to enjoy it and not worry too much about the lack of rain during what should be the heaviest month of rainfall.  I pray for rain. A lot.
  • A long, wooden bowl at the center of the kitchen table holds the last of autumn's apples and bright, fresh, citrus fruit (California-grown, of course), ready for the taking.
  • A little ten-month-old keeps busy on the floor with a bowl and several kitchen utensils.
  • One child asks what is for dinner while an older one helps prepare a smoothie for everyone's afternoon snack and another rolls cookie dough bites for dessert and future packed lunches.
  • Taking advantage of the dark, leafy greens that are currently in season, I am washing/chopping/tossing/putting together a big salad to feast on for the week.  Some nuts, bits of apple, a diced avocado, and how about some some cheese and sausage tossed in?  It sounds like lunch to me!
  • We are getting close to a hundred seedlings, growing away in their trays.  They move all around the kitchen with the light, and they turn toward it.  I'm waiting for the question of how many seed starts do you plan to grow in this little kitchen of ours?  But until then, I keep starting more and dreaming of the day they go outside.
  • I'm thinking I want to add more plants to my suculant collection and decorate the kitchen table with them for our February centerpiece.
  • We drink lots of freshly-made orange, carrot, lemon juice to ward off the sickies.
  • Collecting the kitchen scraps and egg basket, we stick on our boots and head down to the chicken coop to exchange daily treats.  Scraps for them, eggs for us.
What have you been up to in your winter kitchen?


  1. What a beautiful post. Motherhood and home life is so sweet. Thanks for sharing a real glimpse into your kitchen.

  2. oh goodness... what I wouldn't give to be a fly on your wall and watch your routine and system of feeding your beautiful family. My little winter kitchen has just now been getting a lot of use and thats all thanks to you. I made my first chicken stock per your recipe last night and might I say, its delicious. You inspire me beyond measure. I look forward to the day that my kitchen sees as much love as your does. We are taking small steps in that direction! :D

  3. my kitchen, let's see... kefir on the counter, rice and lentils soaking for tonight's dinner, stock defrosting for tomorrow's soup, dishes drying next to the sink, apples, oranges, and lemons lining the window sills, piles of shoes by the back door, birthday cake covered on the counter to take to my son's class tomorrow...

    great idea! i too am enjoying the sun and open windows with fresh air because i have lived here long enough to know the rain is going to come and i will miss the sun and being able to run errands dry!

  4. Love this! Any how to's or advice on the seed starts? Would love to hear how you do it. I'm in Cali too, so it's time to start those seeds! This is the first year I won't be able to direct sow, so I'm looking for tips. Not to distract you from your wonderful cooking blog though;). I think I'm halfway through your recipes. The orange muffins were an all out hit this week. Thank you.

  5. I wish I had that kind of space for growing seeds in my kitchen! You have some beautiful pictures there.

  6. The funny thing is, we actually *don't* have room to grow seeds! :) They are on top of our piano, and taking us most of the kitchen table. Basically, we will have no guests over until April (when the starts are transplanted) because there is just no room. :)


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