Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Kittens

A couple weeks ago, we bundled up a lot more than usual and made our way to the snowy forrest with some friends, tree permit in hand.

We hunted and gathered this year's Christmas tree.  On the way home, we stopped at a little country cafe to warm up with some hot chocolate.  The kids spotted a sign on a thrift store next door and shrieked, "Free kittens!" Then came the big, begging eyes and pleads to take them home.  Once I saw my husband take one up in his arms, I knew it was all over.  We were getting kittens.

After all, we were looking for a couple barn cats and these were already vaccinated, wormed, and free.  We signed the papers and brought them home.  They are too small to be out in that barn just yet, so they are temporarily in our tiny cabin, receiving the royal treatment and being included in every moment.

In all honesty, in this season of life, I don't want any animals that don't serve a function.  Also, I don't want my home to smell like cat, so I've kept my distance while they're house cats.  But they've grown on me.

They've become extremely affectionate to everyone in the family (even the little ones who, well, tend to over-love them) and toward each other.  I fear if they don't get out to that barn soon, they might wiggle their way into our hearts a little too much and become house cats.  So out they go in the daytime, and in they come to the house at night.  For now.  The barn is in your future, dear Christmas kitties.  But we enjoy your company for now.

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  1. Cute kitties!
    I grew up with cats and hubby did, too. I want barn cats, but he tells me we will need new cats for that because our house cats will probably not be smart outdoor cats.
    Good luck with your kitties!

  2. Such beautiful photos of very cute kitties. I support you fully in your endeavor to

  3. My kitties all have a function. Love. :) Good luck with your cats.

  4. Wagers are now being placed on whether they will be barn or house. Odds are two to one that it will be house. Can't they be both? Barn by day and house by night?

  5. That's so kind of you guys. The kittens are in the right place.



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