Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week 2 of Gluten-Free Rawness

So... Week two.
Not as easy as week one.
There was a lot of grace on week one.
In week two, my family realized their usual fare hadn't been tasted in a while.
They noticed there had been no bread for far longer than they were comfortable with.
They didn't like this.
One bit.

On Sunday, I had it with We haven't had a slice of bread in a million yeeeeears!
Just one piece of toast PLEEEEEEASE!
I just want a real meal!
What are you trying to do to us?!
My kids had a hard time with the food changes, too.

So I made them (gluten-free, un-raw) quesadillas and I fixed myself a lonely plate of vegetable slices with tahini and a jar of Black Sesame Jewel for lunch and sat in a corner to be left with my raw decision in peace and solitude.

Wouldn't you know it?  Our two-year-old sat next to me, grabbed a carrot, dipped it into tahini and ate.
And proceeded to eat most of the carrots and all of my tahini.

Yes, I took a picture.  It was momentous.

Then our four-year-old stole the rest of my carrots.  I wouldn't be lying if I said my eyes got a little tearish.  The miracles kept coming.  Our son asked for some of my drink and loved it.  And the crowning moment was when my husband even had a glass and liked it.

This was nothing short of divine intervention.  Jesus loves me, this I know!
Little did they know it just fanned the flame of rawness in my heart for the whole next week...

We tried a lot of Ani's "mylks."  Let me tell you, we loved 90% of them.  And let me also tell you that "we" really does mean the whole family.

Made in Mexico Mylk was amazing.

I love the texture vanilla beans bring to these mylks.

But to my surprise, the most favorite of all so far was the Beautifying Pumpkin Mylk.

The frothy head made it feel like a latte-esque treat, and since we were growing tired of everything tasting like dates, I used grade B maple syrup to sweeten the drink instead.

I dabbled into Ani's "Save the Chick" dishes.  They are incredibly attractive, but since we are a pro-egg family and my kids will take no substitute, we will stick with the real (cooked) kind.  If I ever go to another raw food party, I think I'll bring a dish of this to share:

Spanish Scramble
This week I also learned that most raw dishes are named as an imitation of a traditional dish.  My kids don't buy it.  Especially when it comes to pudding.  If it doesn't taste or feel like the pudding they are familiar with, it isn't pudding.  I respect that.  I learned this after serving the cacao pudding and my kids emotionally informed me that is was  not pudding.  So, the following day I called the Luscious Lemon Pudding Lemony Breakfast.  They bought it.  And even liked it!  Tonight we tried the Carob Pudding (only I used cacao.  Carob has no place here) and called it Chocolate Banana Pudding since it's only made of avocados, bananas, and cacao powder (when I make it), but only half of the brood finished their bowls.  You win some, you lose some.

On a side note, I noticed a shaky, light-headedness right around 4:00 after the all-raw mornings and afternoons.  A craving of anything cooked or meaty comes over me, and if I don't do something about it, once I eat dinner two hours later, my blood sugar does a massive plummet and I have to sit and recover for next to an hour.  It was no good.  So I've begun to set out cheese and tortilla chips for our last snack before dinner and that seems to even things out.

As far as the un-raw but gluten-free dinners go, there was a dish I came up with last week that I wasn't sure how it would be received, but it quickly and surprisingly became a new family favorite.

The recipe, along with more pictures of it will be shared another day.
This mama is happy about bedtime.
The end.


  1. Your amazing and I don't know how you do it! I got sad just reading your post in the tought of morning bread and cooked food. Lol I try to eat all organic and don't even mode gluten free things. But all raw I could not do I love meat and need it to much. Haha. I'm pretty sure I would pass out. I remember a fast I did. Back in the day of fruit veggies, cheese and a little bread oh and even beans. I got down to 98 pounds and felt weak at all times. Lol my body needs meat. (healthy meat that is). And the fact you can get yours to even eat a veggie is amazing. Judah is so picky he would throw up if I give him veggies to eat.

    After saying all that's though I do hope to cute way down on gluten and try to add rawness more. Your amazing!!

  2. I remember when we first went gluten AND casein (milk products) free. Boy, was it hard!!
    My oldest two are still gluten/casein free, after almost 10 years, but the rest of us have gone back.

  3. Leah, I totally need meat, too. We have red meat at least once a week. My body starts shutting down if I don't.

  4. I need to do raw again, thanks for the insperations.

  5. great job. I love the pictures they make everything look so yummy. You are really inspiring, but...........ahhhhhh I love bread.

  6. I love hearing your stories! My husband and I are about to go grain free for a couple of months to try and heal a little bit - your stories are very encouraging! Hope you guys continue to do well!

  7. i just read back on what i said and can so tell i wrote that o my phone and at 1 in the morning lol

  8. you are amazing! I tried to have a sugarfree month in January, that was hard enough. Thank you for inpsiration!

  9. If you're doing gluten free then let me let you in on a pasta secret--most gluten free pasta is really gross. The real gem is a product called Tinkyada--it's brown rice pasta and cooks up really well. I use it around here and I've never had anyone notice a difference. Also, if you want to make your own pasta that works pretty well too and there are a lot of great recipes on the internet. I tend to make kamut pasta but there's all kinds out there.


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