Friday, February 11, 2011


Our son is turning seven.
Our son is rad.
I used raw cream and happy, naturally-dyed beeswax candles.
I am rad.

He wanted to have a sleepover to celebrate his birthday and, after living in a trailer for eight months, the opportunity to finally be able to host a sleepover is a big deal.  But our house is small, so he invited two of his friends over.  Let me just say that seven-year-old boy conversations are one of the funniest things I have ever eavesdropped on.  Oh, the many laughs that had to be stifled.

Now that it's 11:00pm and the boys are finally settling down for the night, I feel it necessary to share with you a few of the comments/conversations that took place tonight.  Disclaimer: if you follow me on Twitter, this is going to be redundant.

(While pillow fighting)
Let's be men!  Men take their shirts off!

Does your brother beat box?
My brother wears boxers.

(The lights go out, but the fire in the wood stove is still glowing.)
I feel like it's the 1970's.

Our sheep are going to get married and have lambs.
When will they get married?
In a year or something when they're older, but they're already in love.

{Friend} doesn't look like himself when he's sleeping.
I know.  I can't believe he's asleep.  We're having the time of our lives, man.

This might have been the most hilarious night of my life.


  1. LOL i was laughing so hard reader your tweets! so so funny! i will need to do this with judah it would be a kick!
    also that cake looks amazing! your my hero :)

  2. First. That cake sounds amazing! Second... I was literally laughing out loud. I love kid convo's. Definitely some of the best entertainment around.

  3. this is great! haha. i love kids.


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