Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We have welcomed Shamrock's "wife" into the herd.  The herd of Shamrock.  Meet Blossom.

Isn't she perfectly gangly?

Shamrock looks like a giant compared to her.  After all, she is only three days old!

Have you noticed that all the pictures were taken outside?  That's because no more animals live in our home.  Sanity has returned to the Riddle homestead.

I'm sharing this at Farmgirl Friday.


  1. awe what a cute addition. will we be seeing baby goats come next spring?:)

  2. What do you use goats for? Do you drink their milk?

  3. These are actually lambs. :) We will raise them for wool and maybe eventually meat. And there might be some baby lambs from these two next year. :)

  4. it would be hard to separate the pet thing from the eating the pet thing... for me. but i do think it is rather cool you guys are raising them! i just would get too attached.

  5. Wow, you guys move fast! Before you know it your going to have every farm animal there is! Have fun!

  6. She is too sweet. What a fun thing for your children to grow up with. I'm slightly jealous!

  7. Katie they are beautiful! I'm obsessed with sheep wool right now. Will you weave it or turn it to yarn? So excited for you!!!

    And so happy there are no more animals inside. ;p
    Thanks for linking up!
    xo, Annette

  8. She is adorable! It looks like you are going to have a fabulous herd!


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