Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who Am I?

I’m that girl who:
walked around at four-years-old, holding Jesus’s hand and really felt her hand in His.
’s aunt practiced cutting hair on and ended up with a boy ‘do which confused all her 5-year-old soccer teammates as to whether she was in to Rainbow Bright or He Man.
dreamt about being in the Olympics after watching them in 1984.  First, she was going into running.  Then swimming.  Then gymnastics.  Then, she settled for a silver medal for the hurdles in the Girl Scout Brownie Olympics.
loved singing, dancing, and acting with CTAP, her church's children's performing arts group.  
couldn’t hold it in any longer and farted as she went into a back bend and had to continue to walk in that position across the mat while everyone (including the teacher) in dance class laughed in hysterics.
went to school at Orangethorpe Elementary in Room 25 for 4th grade and then became “one of those home schooled kids” for six years.
had a mom who wanted to encourage her daughter’s writing and set up a meeting where Ken Gire read one of her short stories and was elated when Ken told her it was a good story although it was unbelievable.
wanted to become amish, but settled with raising three hens since the city ofGarden Grove wouldn’t let her have a cow.
was that shy, quiet girl who shook and made strange noises and shared her testimony when Carl Tuttle asked her to come up at a Wednesday night renewal meeting.
attended SCC for her Junior year and participated in all the extra curricular activities she could get her hands on, including finally landing a lead role in a play!
took her acting talent on the road and aquired such esteemed rolls as various characters at Disneyland and an extra in two movies that were so lame, they will not be mentioned.
dated three guys before she surprisingly found her husband in a friend.
became a woman who:
was married at nineteen and lived happily in a cozy, 500 square foot studio with her husband while they both went to college and worked full-time.
couldn’t wait to be a mother and has since given birth to four beautiful babes.
had a personal revival in 2006 and hasn’t been the same since.
felt very guilty for breaking her parents’ hearts but moved away attempting to listen to what she felt the Lord told her to do.
had a year of trial in 2007.
misses her husband when he travels but supports him entirely.
wants to love her heavenly Father in everything she does.
likes to take care of the world God created as a thankful steward.
has become “one of those home school moms.”
loves her life.

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